Three Easy Steps to Getting Your Twitter Share Count Back

How to Get Your Twitter Share Count Back

Three Easy Steps to Getting Your Twitter Share Count Back

Twitter pissed off marketers from all over the world. Killing the share counts in the sharing buttons was unexpected and not welcome at all.

However… “There are no problems, only solutions.” John Lennon said it.

BuzzSumo developed a Chrome extension that shows Twitter share counts for any website. In your browser. Not on your site.

Useful extension, but far from what marketers need: social proof available to everyone, not only to the users of that extension.

This morning I discovered a better solution…

1. Three Easy Steps to Getting Twitter Share Counts Again

Step 1 – Get the plugins that work with this service

You need one of the following share buttons on your blog:

  • Standard Twitter buttons
  • ShareAholic
  • AddToAny
  • AddThis
  • JetPack

Step 2 – Sign up for THE service

Sign up for the magic service :-) It’s called New Share Counts.

It’s free. You only need to provide the address of your website and then you can sign up using your Twitter account. You will be asked to give read-only access to your Twitter account.

Once you signed up, “New Share Counts” (NSC) starts tracking the share counts for your site. Now you need a piece of code that gets the data collected by NSC and updates the piece of info displayed by your social sharing plugin …

Step 3 – Add a piece of code to your blog

After you have signed up, you’ll be redirected to a page where you get a piece of code that you need to insert in all pages that are supposed to display the share count.

This blog has share buttons only on the Posts pages and that’s why I modified only the file single.php

Recover Your Social Share Counts Using Social Warfare Plugins

Update, February 4, 2016

Good news for the bloggers who don’t know how to modify their blog files in order to add the script provided by “New Share Counts”.

The developers of the popular WP plugin Social Warfare integrated “New Share Counts” script in the premium version of the plugin.

2. You Signed Up, You Added the Code. How Does It Work?

2.1. – The next Twitter shares

After the three steps mentioned above, go and check one of your blog posts. Maybe you’ll see that Twitter share count is still zero. It happened to me too. Don’t get scared :-)

Go on Twitter and share one of your blog posts. Some plugins have a counting delay. So wait for about an hour. Then check again the blog post you shared on Twitter. The counter should show at least one share.

Good to know: In case the plugin you use doesn’t have the NSC script integrated, the Twitter share count and the total share count (Twitter shares plus other social media shares) will initially display the original number of shares provided by your original plugin. After several seconds the NSC script updates both the Twitter share count and the total share count.

2.2. – Seven days old Twitter shares

Twitter’s actual search API has a limitation. It lets NSC collect only shares that are no more than 7 days old. That’s why the shares that happened more than 7 days before you added your blog to NSC tracking will not be counted.

The counter for the blog post shared as per 2.1 above will show your share plus any other share that happened during the seven days passed before you signed up for NSC.

2.3. – Even older Twitter shares

What about your very old shares? Older than 7 days…

Before Twitter shut its service down, NSC has collected share counts for lots of websites. They say… 1 billion webpages. This means that for many blogs the share counts may not have to start from zero…

In order to prove it, Artur Brugeman, the nice guy behind NewShareCounts, manually imported the data for this blog and voila!

My blog post 20 Best Twitter Marketing Tips from Around the World had 1.2k Twitter shares before Twitter killed the share counts, this morning displayed zero shares, after 2.1-2.2 above it showed 22 shares on Twitter, and now it shows 1.2k Twitter shares again. Check it for yourself!

What about YOUR old shares? Artur told me that they’re preparing the infrastructure for the full import and he hopes to complete it within one week.

Well, that’s it! What are you waiting for? Go and get your Twitter shares back! :)

To Your Twitter Marketing Success,
Adrian Jock

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17 thoughts on “How to Get Your Twitter Share Count Back

  1. Thank you very much, Adrian, for this detailed article about our service!

    The only thing I’m left to add is this: if you don’t have one of 4 supported share button plugins, don’t be disappointed! New plugin support is coming soon, and you can speed things up by asking about your own needs. Just ping me on Twitter @ArturBrugeman.

    Keep up great work, Adrian!

  2. Hi Adrian,

    thanks for sharing this solution. It seems simple to do.
    I will go and get my share count back later as well and see if my blog is among the 1 billion webpages.

    Have a great day,

    1. Most probably your blog is included too. Just be patient until they import everything. Anyway you still get the new shares, so I guess there’s nothing you can lose.

    2. Hi, Torsten.

      You blog was indeed in 1 billion urls, but unfortunately we only included a single url and its counter was zero. The url prioritization was far from perfect, so some sites that did deserve being collected were missed.

      But we still can count new shares for you :)

      Have a nice day!

  3. Hi Adrian, very cool. I guess there will be others coming up with services too. I use Shareaholic share buttons so it looks like it will do it automatically for the past 7 days. I just signed up and will see how it works. Thanks for sharing this one with us, very timely! I didn’t see any errors. Glad to see the developer came by too :)

  4. Hi Adrian,

    I was one who got bent out of shape about it, at first. But now that it’s missing, it doesn’t bother me as much. I’m forced to look more at my Google Analytics to see what traffic is coming from Twitter versus how I used to judge by the shares. It’s actually a Win-Win for me now. Good to know that there is a way to get it back though. I’ll be passing this one along.


    1. Hi, Brenda!

      Using share counts as a single performance metric is indeed not wise and we should all look into better analytics to understand if and why we’re reaching our goals. However, no analytics can replace social proof, and recent ShareAholic research has shown that it does affect the number of shares. That’s why NSC is not focused on providing analytics, but on a very simple way to get the social proof back. I believe Social Warfare plugin (which I’m guessing you are using) will be one of the next to support and fix.

      Thank you.

    2. Hi Brenda,

      It’s good that now you look more at your Google Analytics. If you have enabled Twitter Cards, check also Twitter’s own Analytics to see who your influencers are (the people who drive traffic to your blog).

      However, your readers don’t have access to the figures from GA or TA. Here comes the number of shares. That’s not the best metric, but it’s good to show something to your visitors – other than nothing ;-)

    1. Hi, Avil.

      Social Warfare is quite popular among marketing professionals, and we have plans to support it in NSC. I will try to inform you when it’s ready.

  5. Wow – thanks for the tip on getting back share counts! For a week or so I figured it was my plugin that broke :-)

  6. Hi Adrian,

    I followed through after reading a post on Adeel’s blog on same discussion, I just wanted to see what your solution to this Twitter shares taking down will be.

    But honestly, you made me change my decision. I never cared about the share count taking down for anything, but after reading your simple solution to get it fixed I just want to get my Twitter share count back.


  7. Thanks for this post. I want my Twitter shares back but it is not showing even after adding that new share count code. I will try to figure this out.

    1. Your code is inserted outside the body tag. Move it inside it. And make sure that you signed up for a NewShareCount account, otherwise it cannot track your shares.

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