A collection of Twitter marketing tips

20 Twitter Marketing Tips from Around the World

A collection of Twitter marketing tips

Using Twitter for business in an effective way is different from the fun-style used by most of the tweeps.

You need to take care of your image, compose tweets like a marketer, make the most of your time without ignoring or annoying your followers, network with the key influencers in your niche, and way much more.

Without further ado, here’s a collection of Twitter marketing tips that will help your business getting more from Twitter in the long term…

1. Twitter success = sharing, caring, retweeting, being yourself, being positive & with a dash of humor. Gary Loper

2. Be consistent. Tweeting only occasionally is a great way to let others FORGET you. Shelley Webb

3. Sharing thoughts, experiences and special events is good. The content of your dinner plate or laundry basket is not. Mohamed Sonday

4. Want INFLUENCE? Respond to people! Don’t be just a broadcaster. It’s called social media for a reason! Kim Garst

5. Spelling and grammar errors not only confuse your followers, they also make you look unprofessional. Mohamed Sonday

6. Want clicks on your link? Add an effective headline. Check this, Photo, nothing… aren’t effective headlines. Tell us WHY we should click ;-) Adrian Jock

7. Follow people and businesses in your niche, and in complementary niches. Casey Gollan

8. Create lists to have a better overview of your timeline. René Paparusso

9. Click Discover > Activity to see a stream of actions by those you’re following, including favorites, follows & more. Mark Miller

10. Don’t let the apps post garbage on your Twitter timeline. No one cares how many people followed and unfollowed you ;-) Adrian Jock

11. Stop wasting my time (and yours!) with TrueTwit. Read my tweets. You’ll see whether I’m a bot or not.

12. Auto DMs are incredibly impersonal and perceived as spam by most. Sending auto DMs not only seems inconsiderate, but it also makes you look like a complete newbie who doesn’t understand social media etiquette. Ellie Mirman

Auto DM: 'If we can help you grow your business let us know.' Yes you can. Buy my stuff.

13. Why should I follow you if you’re using Twitter like a bot? Talking to myself, bots won’t read it anyway. Adrian Jock

14. Asking questions can lead to fruitful discoveries and real relationships with followers. Mohamed Sonday

15. Join Twitter Chats and engage. Twitter Chats give you the opportunity to share your knowledge thus showcasing your expertise with a target audience. Praverb

16. Don’t be a jerk by inserting into a “thank you for your RT” tweet a link to your “gifts” squeeze page. Adrian Jock

17. If a word already appears in your tweet, you don’t need to hashtag it in order for it to appear in “search”. Shelley Webb

18. No one likes to be sold. Focus on building connections and the cash will follow! Kim Garst

19. No one will want to interact with you if you’re constantly talking about yourself and promoting your business. Mohamed Sonday

20. Handle criticism and complaints with love. Focus on getting to the heart of the issue as opposed to acting off of impulse. Praverb

To Your Social Media Success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. Did I miss any killer tip? Feel free to use the comment section below ;-)

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33 thoughts on “20 Twitter Marketing Tips from Around the World

  1. I am grateful to have been included in your list of Best Twitter Marketing Tips. I have created and posted many #TwitterTips far too many to post here – follow me on Twitter @GaryLoper or search for #TwitterTips & #TwitterTips #WhatToTweet ~ Happy Tweeting

  2. Thanks for the post Adrian!
    Great tips to know! Shared it on my Twitter stream!

  3. Great post right here. I love the Tips about Auto DMs, I just delete them. I have two tips to add.

    1) Handle criticism and complaints with love. Focus on getting to the heart of the issue as opposed to acting off of impulse.

    2) Join Twitter Chats and engage. Twitter Chats give you the opportunity to share your knowledge thus showcasing your expertise with a target audience.

  4. Excellent tips, Praverb, and I love the first one. There are many ppl who pretend that don’t see the tweets that complain of something. I’ve seen it even in case of people who are known as social media experts and influencers. In vain you’re telling everyone that you’re in Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers if you don’t really prove it by BEING and ACTING like an expert :-) I’ve just added your tips to the article. Thank you!

  5. Hi Shelley,

    Item 17 states: If a word already appears in your tweet, you don’t need to hashtag it in order for it to appear in “search”.

    I really must be missing something. I thought hashtags helped people search for your tweet. Why bother then, unless you are coining a new term?

    Thank you for your reply,

  6. Hi Aileen, thx for your comment. Before answering, there’s one thing I’d like to clarify…. It’s not Shelley here. The domain name, the name of the blog (Adrian Jock’s IM Tips) and this article itself tell you what my name is ;-) But the tip you’re commenting is indeed Shelley’s tip and that’s why the confusion. Don’t worry, no prob.

    Now let’s go back to your actual comment. Let’s say that you want to tweet the name of this article… Whether you use the hashtag #Twitter or not, the tweet will appear in search when searching for the word Twitter. Therefore there’s no point in using the hashtag (most of the people don’t know it). But if someone searches for “social media”, the tweet is not shown because there’s no social media in the title of the article. If I want the tweet to be shown for that search, I insert the hashtag #socialmedia in my tweet and that’s it!

    Anyway, you don’t have to believe Shelley or me… Just search on Twitter and you’ll see. Search for example for “Twitter tips”. You’ll get two kind of results: tweets that include “Twitter tips” and tweets that include #TwitterTips.

  7. Hi Adrian,

    Reginald here. Nice site you have. The most important which I agree is…#10! I don’t get it why nearly everyone posting crazy stuffs about followers. C’mon man! That sux :)

    Very fun list you have there mate!

    Take care!

  8. These are great tips. I never share anything personal on twitter and after this I think I might reconsider adding a few antidotes to make my tweet more personable. I use Justretweet alot. It’s really helpful to make tweets more viral. I just looked up twitter chats. I didn’t even know they existed thanks so much.

  9. Great tips. Agree with your point that bots are very impersonal. Social media loses it’s power to connect when people think they can just automate the relationship process. Huge mistake.

  10. Hi Mike, thank you for your comment. Answering machines are useful when you’re not home. But they can’t keep relationships alive. The caller needs you to answer the phone. The same is for social media :)

  11. Hi Adrian,

    Those are really great tips, I most agree with the auto DMs those are really annoying and for most sure considered spam. I never check my DM so if any one needs me he should mention me on Twitter that is the only way I will respond to him. Thanks for sharing this list.

  12. Hi Qasim,

    Thank you for your comment. I use Twitter quite the same like you do :) I never check my direct messages unless a friend sends me a mention and notifies me that he sent some private info via DM.

  13. Hi Adrian,

    I am following all your points, looks like i am learning well from you?

    I never really used bot programs, though i love hootsuite!

    Acts sneaky…

    — Slips in Affiliate “Link” in comment — Just kidding!


  14. Hi Piyush,

    Thank you for your comment. There’s nothing wrong in using Hootsuite. Did I say that? Where? :)

    My piece of advice was not to use Twitter like a bot. Be social, interact with other users, retweet other people content, respond to mentions, etc. You’re already doing it, I know it :)

    For the moment I have only one piece of advice for you: get more followers, you have less than 200.

  15. You are right, I do have a few followers but i am building up followers slowly. They are coming to me on their own just like you found me!

    I don’t want to build bot followers, i want real people. Its happening for me, but slowly.

    For now, i am just focusing on improving my skills so when i start my own blog, ill be a bomb.

  16. 20 short but very important Twitter marketing tips from around the world indeed.

    I am sure we can all find nuggets in all of them if we look close enough. I know I have, :)

    Thanks to Piyush, for sharing this on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking website. I found it there and “kingged” it.

  17. Great tips. It is ALWAYS important to remember that social media is meant to be social. That means engaging :-)

  18. Hi Catherine,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    You know what’s funny? I know at least one social media Power Influencer (according to Forbes) that isn’t social at all. While many people consider him a Power Influencer, I don’t agree with them. I agree with you.

    BTW, thank you for sharing the article on Twitter :)

  19. You’re welcome, Joseph.

    Under the article you’ll find the links to even more Twitter articles. See the five articles under the sub-headline “Related internet marketing tips” ;-)

    A great weekend to you too!

  20. No doubt consistency and hard work are the keys. As well as being human and not always pushing the business all the time.

  21. I like Kim Garst’s Twitter tips.

    My bad is that I don’t tweet often in my own personal Twitter page but my blog Twitter page has been bubbling.

    I will start working on it again now.

    To get the best of Twitter, one must be conversational with it. It was on Twitter I connected with Ryan Biddulph and many other bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing.


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