Who else wants more exposure for their blog on Twitter?

Twitter Marketing Service – Get More Exposure for Your Blog on Twitter

Who else wants more exposure for their blog on Twitter?

Whether you’re busy and not having time to properly and frequently promote your blog, or you don’t have too many followers, or Twitter just isn’t your cup of tea, you landed on the right place.

I do not sell Twitter followers or interactions with your tweets (likes, retweets) – that’s prohibited by The Twitter Rules (section “Spam and Security”).

But here’s what I can do for you …

Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package
30 article shares per month shared by @IMTipsNews, plus … 60 article shares per month shared by @IMTipsNews, plus … 90 article shares per month shared by @IMTipsNews, plus …
30 article shares per month shared by my partners (minimum no. of followers per account: 4,000) 60 article shares per month shared by my partners (minimum no. of followers per account: 4,000) 90 article shares per month shared by my partners (minimum no. of followers per account: 4,000)
Price: US$15/month Price: US$25/month Price: US$35/month

Note 1: Current no. of followers for @IMTipsNews:

Note 2:

“Article share” is not a retweet of your tweet. It’s a stand-alone tweet promoting an article (blog post) from your blog and including your Twitter username. Template examples:

a) Tweet shared by @IMTipsNews:

[Title of Your Article] [Link to Your Article] RT [@YourTwitterHandle] [Hashtag #1] [Hashtag #2]

b) Tweet shared by other account than @IMTipsNews:

RT @IMTipsNews [Title of Your Article] [Link to Your Article] by [@YourTwitterHandle] [Hashtag #1] [Hashtag #2]

Note 3: Should we deliver more Twitter shares than included in the package that you ordered, you will not be required to pay for the difference.

Note 4: No package includes the service of designing images to be used in the tweets promoting your blog posts. Such additional service may be provided upon request and charged supplementary. However, I encourage you to enable for your blog the Twitter cards with large images, and you won’t need any other image included in the tweets promoting your blog.

1. How It Works

Within maximum 48 hours after your payment, your blog posts will be shared on a daily basis – usually 1, 2 or 3 article shares per day (it depends on what package you choose).

You are NOT required to provide the tweets that will be shared. All tweets will be composed by me.

The tweets promoting your blog posts will not include:

a) misleading, irrelevant or offending headlines, hashtags, texts or images
b) links that redirect the visitor to other websites than yours
c) links belonging to Twitter tools that add unwanted content to your blog (Linkis, Start-A-Fire, Sniply, etc)
d) other Twitter handles than mine and yours
e) more than two relevant hashtags.

Should any of my partners tweet your blog posts using the apps mentioned at c) or any similar app, such a tweet will be disregarded and not counted as part of the service I have to provide.

2. How to Check Whether the Order Has Been Fulfilled or Not

Any tweet promoting your blog will include your Twitter handle and @IMTipsNews. If you go on Twitter and search for “@IMTipsNews @YourTwitterHandle” then the tab “LATEST” will show the tweets you’re looking for. Example:

Example of Twitter Search

Sometimes some tweets aren’t shown by such searches though. That’s not a perfect tool. If the search shows fewer tweets than you ordered, please contact me and:

a) if the search result doesn’t reflect the reality, I’ll provide the full list of tweets that promoted your blog during that contractual month;

b) if the search result reflects the reality, then I’ll correct the situation and compensate you by tweeting twice the missing number of tweets.

3. Excluded Guarantees

There is no guarantee that your blog posts will perform well and the followers will click your links.

There is no guarantee that the prospects who click your links will like your content, comment on your blog, share your blog post, click links on your blog, buy your products or services, or subscribe to your mailing list.

There is no money back guarantee should the order be fulfilled but the results don’t match your expectations. You’re only entitled to stop the provision of the service by cancelling the next payments for the next months.

4. Requirements Regarding Your Blog 5. Requirements Regarding Your Twitter Account
1. English only blog posts.

2. Topics accepted: marketing (email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, search engine marketing, etc), social media, blogging, business, personal development.

3. Proper formatting and grammar.

4. The blog must have at least 15 blog posts that match our accepted topics.

5. Original, quality content.

1. Profile picture, other than the default Twitter egg.

2. The address of the blog we’re supposed to promote included in the profile.

3. No offending or misleading language or images.

4. No hashtag abuse.

5. No spam (including spammy replies or mentions such as “@handle Thank you for the follow. Here’s my gift: link“)

6. No usage of Twitter apps that add content without permission to other sites than yours via frames or other techniques (examples: Linkis, Start-A-Fire, Sniply)

7. Certain Twitter activity.

6. How to Order a Package

There is no payment button on this page. The first step is to have your blog accepted.

If your blog and Twitter account comply with the requirements mentioned above, please contact me and submit the following pieces of information:

– the address of your blog
– your Twitter handle
– the package you’re interested in.

My email address, for orders or clarification requests:

This image reveals my email address. If you wanna see it, you have to allow images to be loaded

You’ll receive an answer within maximum 24 hours. Should your blog be accepted, my answer will include also a PayPal payment link.

Looking forward to working with you,

Customer Feedback
Customer Testimonial: Michael Dinich Michael Dinich‏, @YourMoneyGeek: Your Twitter service has really helped me grow, you know you’re doing well when competitors start following you. I hope they like Star Wars ;)
Customer Testimonial: Laura Coleman Laura Coleman, @aGentleDrLaura: I like your service. Admittedly, it was more helpful for me when I was also producing my own tweets, and doing all the other footwork it takes to build a vibrant twitter feed. I got many new followers. Quite a few were just numbers, but some were also real followers. Up to and including signing up for my newsletter.