TrueTwit Harms Your Twitter Marketing

How to Harm Your Twitter Marketing by Using TrueTwit

TrueTwit Harms Your Twitter Marketing

TrueTwit is a service that “attempts to validate your new followers to see if they are human as opposed to automated bots.” (TrueTwit, the About page)

Their verification is done by sending an automatic direct message (DM) to any new follower who isn’t a TrueTwit user or isn’t already followed by you.

If a follower gets that DM, reads it, clicks a link and successfully completes the CAPTCHA, then TrueTwit considers that follower a “validated human.”

Now let’s see whether this process helps your Twitter marketing or harms it.

1. What’s TrueTwit’s Promise?

On the home page, TrueTwit says,

Twitter spam is a drag. What if you could know for sure that your followers are truly human, and not some bot? TrueTwit is designed to help you: Verify people from robots; Avoid Twitter spam

But then on the FAQ page …

TrueTwit doesn’t make any kind of judgment as to whether or not anyone is or is not or may be or may not be a spammer. […] That is up to you!

Isn’t it funny? You don’t need any service to tell you that someone may or may not be a spammer!

Actually TrueTwit doesn’t promise you anything. It just tells you what you already knew: a follower may or may not be a spammer (or a bot).

Why don’t they promise anything? Because they cannot do it. Here’s why…

2. Can TrueTwit Actually Identify the Spammers or the Bots?

There are 4 types of Twitter followers that will not click TrueTwit’s validation links:

  1. Users who don’t read their DMs
  2. Users who don’t know what TrueTwit is and won’t bother to find out
  3. Users who know what TrueTwit is, but have no reason to waste their time
  4. Bots

Many Twitter users don’t read a direct message, or don’t know what TrueTwit is, or hate TrueTwit. But such behaviors don’t make them spammers or bots.

When someone doesn’t click a validation link, there’s no way for TrueTwit to know which one of the four types above has to be assigned to that user.

Therefore, the “technology” TrueTwit uses cannot identify the spammers or the bots.

TrueTwit can only say that a certain user may or may not be a spammer. And that is a useless piece of information.

3. Are TrueTwit Validated Accounts “Human” Accounts?

Let’s read this piece of info from TrueTwit home page:

If your follower successfully completes the CAPTCHA (or is already a TrueTwit user), you are sent an email indicating they are a TrueTwit-validated human!

Have you read the text I bolded? If a follower is a TrueTwit user, there’s no verification DM sent to that account. It is deemed to be a human account.

Now let me ask you something: who stops the owner behind a bot or spam account to become a TrueTwit user? Nobody.

Therefore are TrueTwit validated accounts human accounts? You don’t know. They may or may not be human accounts. Another useless piece of information.

4. What Do You Get After TrueTwit Runs Its Verification Process?


  • You find out that some of your followers didn’t validate their accounts and they may or may not be bots.
  • You also find out that some of your followers have validated accounts and they may or may not be humans.


You didn’t find out anything new. You already knew both pieces of information above. Without using TrueTwit.

5. Congrats! Zero Advantages. Let’s See the Disadvantages

5.1 Here’s what real, human Twitter users think:

Gina Schreck: I always unfollow someone who is using TRUETWIT validation.

Many people think alike. Oh, no, don’t try to contradict me. Google the topic. Suggestions for your search: Truetwit sucks, unfollow TrueTwit users, TrueTwit spam, etc.

So… yes… the only guaranteed result you get after using TrueTwit validation system is that some of your human followers will unfollow you.

5.2 What will you do after TrueTwit “checked” your followers?

Let me remind you: you’ll know that some of your followers may or may not be bots and other followers may or may not be humans. So what will you do next?

Will you check all followers profiles? Then why did you use TrueTwit? Only for the sake of annoying some of your human followers and get some unfollows?

Will you follow automatically everyone who has a validated account? Including idiots, porn accounts, spammers, etc? That’s a great image you create for yourself, isn’t it? Just hope that some of your clients won’t check who you follow on Twitter ;-)

6. Not Convinced Yet? Listen to TrueTwit!

Quoting again from TrueTwit FAQ page …

Can I opt out of having validation request DMs sent to my new followers? Yes. If you sign up for TrueTwit Premium no direct messages are sent on your behalf.

Got it? If you pay TrueTwit for a Premium account, you get the best feature: no validation DM will be sent to your followers.

However, if you don’t pay for a Premium account, you’ll get some disadvantages. Such as the fact that validation DMs will be sent on your behalf.

TrueTwit pricing policy reveals the truth: sending the validation direct messages to your followers sucks. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s something good. It’s not.

To Your Twitter Marketing Success,
Adrian Jock

P.S. Have you ever used TrueTwit? Why? Do you waste your time validating again and again the fact that you’re human? Why?

P.P.S. Follow me on Twitter for more interesting internet marketing tips & news.

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18 thoughts on “How to Harm Your Twitter Marketing by Using TrueTwit

  1. Hello Adrian,

    I’m one of those who didn’t know what TrueTwit was and never bothered to find out. I guess I didn’t miss out on much.

    If someone asks me about it, I’ll know where to send them to read more. Thanks!


  2. I wrote a similar blog. I don’t know why Twitter has not labled them spam and blocked them.

    I have tried messaging people who sent me one of TrueTwit’s spam messages. Most people just ignore me. Looking at most of them, most of them are using set it and forget it automation themselves. Some respond positively. But some have actually had replied with hostility and blocked me for not doing the validation.

    If the purpose of TrueTwit is to prove I am human, and I prove I am human by replying, shouldn’t that be enough? I just don’t understand some people.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Timothy. I cannot know for sure why Twitter hasn’t labeled TrueTwit as spam, but here’s my guess…

      TrueTwit is a tool. The same like an email marketing service (this is a comparison).

      Let me ask you a question: if someone uses AWeber to spam you, who would you consider a spammer? That person or the tool (AWeber)? ;-)

      1. Well, for me, there is a difference between a marketing tool that gets abused and TrueTwit. Truetwit is, in my opinion, 100% spam all the time.

        Every TwueTwit auto-DM is with the intent of sending a user to the Truetwit website to be subjected to advertising, and the only way to stop it is to either (1) become a free member and spam your followers for TrUeTwit, or (2) pay TrueTwit’s annual extortion fee.

        It is a shame that the only other option for users is to report the message as spam, which does not affect TrueTwit or stop future messages.

        1. I disagree with you. Irrespective of the fact that one tool is abused and the other one isn’t, both tools are tools not spammers. Even if a tool is designed to spam, still that tool or its producer aren’t spammers. A tool cannot spam you unless it’s used by someone. Well, the user is the spammer, not the tool or the producer of the tool.

          Here’s a straight comparison…

          When a criminal (spammer) kills (spams) someone (not due to a malfunction of the gun), the gun (TrueTwit app) or the producer (TrueTwit) are never sued. You know why the gun or the producer aren’t sued, don’t you? Because the gun (TrueTwit app) or the producer (TrueTwit) aren’t the criminals (spammers).

          Even if you consider the producer (TrueTwit) a criminal (spammer), the authorities (Twitter) don’t think alike. Guess why! I already explained you ;-)

          1. Well, I disagree… and I have an example of Twitter making a tool modify itself because some were abusing it.

            Tweepi is a tool for following and unfollowing users. It wasn’t the tool’s fault that some users abused it and violated Twitter’s policies on aggressive following and churn,

            However, Twitter pressured (forced) Tweepi to modify their service to avoid user violations.

            TrueTwit is much more abusive because it forces users to actually engage with a 3rd party website which they had no prior relationship… making every auto-DM spam.

  3. The bigger question is…Who cares? If a gazillion bots follow me, it in no way bothers me. I don’t care who follows me, unless I want to DM them.

    If I follow a gazillion bots, that’s a big problem, since the bots will clog up my feed and start DMing me. Plus, whom I follow is part of my reputation, but who follows me is not (because it’s not me doing the following).

    1. Thank you for your comment, David. Indeed people should care who they follow, while they shouldn’t care if tons of bots follow them.

      However, not everyone think alike. I’ve noticed articles teaching the people how to detect and get rid of the bots that follow them, haven’t you? It’s true that I haven’t read such articles because I have no interest in such a topic. So I don’t know why some people are bothered when bots follow them.

  4. What kinda “Twit” would create such a thing?
    What kinda “Twit” would use such a thing?
    Good thing i am a “Twit” who didn’t even know it existed :)
    I suppose i am a TrueTwit too? :o

  5. Hi Adrian, I’m one of those that rarely look at Twitter DMs but when I do and see a TrueTwit message, I ignore it. First, it screams amateur that just doesn’t get it yet and second, it’s just another user chasing useless vanity numbers. I’m not willing to go out of my way to connect with either. TrueTwit is good for TrueTwit and I see no benefit at all for their users. In fact, it may just be another way to damage one’s reputation.

  6. Hi Adrian,

    I never look at my DMs and I believe that’s the case with so many others.

    I think there’s absolutely no need for truetwit; it’s just the craze for shiny objects.

    Thanks for sharing.



  7. I actually have been taking the time to go through the validation process for many of the validate messages i receive. I thought that maybe it meant the person was really choosy about who they let follow them, and if I took the time to be validated it might show that I was worthy of following back.

    Wow…After hearing how you broke it down though, it really seems like a waste of time for both parties involved. It isn’t even very useful if the person actually just wants to validate real users so they know who to follow back, because many REAL people wont go through the process of getting validated. They would see it as a waste of time, unless they were very interested in the person.

    You learn something new every day! Thanks for the heads up Adrian Jock! Re-tweeting this one. :)

  8. Hi Adrian,

    Am one of those who never knew TrueTwit exists, and never care for a tool like that. Asking me to verify by clicking on an email link or enter captcha for following you is a stupid idea, and a waste of opportunity on your part not mine.

    I love the people who understand the true value of networking. I don’t read Twitter DM except for an important reason or expecting something.

    Thanks Adrian, nice information.

  9. Hi Adrian

    I have come across people who use Truetwit and I don’t like the tool because it does not help boost networking. I believe even though there are spammers, users should take the step and not an app.

    Thanks for sharing and I love your posts. Take Care.

  10. Hi Adrian,

    One strange thing about True Twit: its energy/intent is based on fearing your followers aren’t human. Weird, right? Imagine this scenario on Facebook. Or LinkedIn. Or offline. Even though bots may infiltrate Twitter some, don’t fear attracting bots. Have freaking faith you can attract real, engaged, rabid fans aka human followers!! LOL….awesome points, smart post. Thanks for sharing :)


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