Twitter Etiquette Meme

4 Ways to Thank for a Retweet. From Noob to Superstar

Twitter Etiquette Meme

So you’re on Twitter. You share your latest blog post. Suddenly someone reshares your tweet…

You know the feeling… It’s great when someone appreciates your work, isn’t it?

The question is, “What’s next?”

Maybe you never noticed, I don’t know for sure… There are more levels of saying ‘Thank you’ for that lovely retweet…

Let me reveal the most used ways to thank someone on Twitter.

Using the proper etiquette will help you move one step further on the way to becoming a Twitter superstar…

Now let’s see what other people are doing after you reshare their content. Open your eyes and choose the style that fits your personality and your goals…

Noob Style: Expressing Your Gratitude for the Retweet

How a Noob Says Thank You on Twitter

The newbies are social, they say “Thank you,” and they even wish the others a nice day. After some minutes, hours, or days, they waste even more time… They check your tweets and if they find something appropriate for their followers, they’ll retweet your content.

However, they don’t get anything back in exchange of their time. If you want to become a guru, don’t do it. Focus on the next advanced ways of thanking…

Advanced Style: Link Sneaking

How an Advanced Tweep Says Thank You on Twitter

The advanced tweeps don’t bother to check your tweets and return the favor. However, they waste their time too. Writing so many words… “thanks so much for the share.” Just figure out how many things you can do instead of writing so many words… The most advanced tweep, the one closer to the next level, has found the solution: each and every tweet includes the link to their blog. Smart social media marketing, isn’t it?

Here’s a quote from the timeline of the same tweep featured in the image above: “Nothing is worse than active ignorance” – Goethe. It fits perfectly! Beware! Learn! Of course that the quote was followed by blogger’s link. The same link included in each and every other tweet I’ve seen on that timeline. Stylish!

Expert Style: Retweet It! It’s Your Own Priceless Content

How an Expert Tweep Says Thank You on Twitter

Experts save their time. Why wasting it for no reason by sending a mention? They only retweet your tweet that includes the link to their content.

You get a valuable retweet for a content that isn’t yours, they share one more time their content. Everybody wins, right?

Superstar Style: …

[Here’s an image that displays the superstars’ way of saying ‘Thank you’. Don’t you see it? Well, don’t panic. There’s no pic!]

The superstars write great content. Always. The others are the little guys. If you’re a little guy who shares the content of a superstar, YOU should say thank you.

You’ve got the opportunity to share great content with your followers.

You’ve got the opportunity to drive traffic to a superstar’s website.

You’ve got the opportunity to help a superstar make more money.

Don’t even dare to ask for more. You’ve got enough! You should say thank you!

Disclaimer: The content of this blog post does not constitute professional advice on any subject matter. The article is a satire. I hope you had fun. Maybe you even learned something… But only if you’ve read the rankings the other way around ;-)

To Your Twitter Success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. Actually there’s one more way to say thank you: don’t do anything but use the “Favorite” option. Easy, clean, not wasting time, not giving anything. I didn’t find a proper classification for this style – maybe you’ll help me by posting a comment below. Anyway, if you combine it with an expert-style retweet… it works like a charm!

P.P.S. I’m a noob, sorry. I’ll never be a superstar. If you want to follow me on Twitter, beware… I share noob-style internet marketing tips. You have been warned!

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8 thoughts on “4 Ways to Thank for a Retweet. From Noob to Superstar

  1. As I started reading I was a bit confused. Thinking wow, I guess I’ll have to really, really change my ways… And then, you cleared it up…yeah!

    Thanks for the great AND entertaining article.
    Gosh! I’m being such a noob!

  2. LOL Hermann.

    I knew that not placing the disclaimer at the very top may make some readers stop reading the article and say, “What an idiot!” However, I took this risk :-) Thank you for the comment and keep being a noob :)

  3. Hey Adrian,

    So funny!! Oh yes, I’m one of your examples. What can I say, I was taught to be polite. :) I was also taught to sneak in the link. :)

    Thanks for the laugh.


  4. Hi Geri,

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    1) Well, I don’t criticize people but behaviors. That’s why your face & username were hidden ;-)

    2) I don’t know who taught you to do that, but doing so isn’t polite at all. Just look around you. Check the timelines of the people you admire – I don’t know who they are, maybe Harleena Singh or Carol Amato. You won’t see them posting the link to the homepage of their blog on each and every tweet they sent.

    3) I know you’re not a spammer, but your timeline looks worse than a spammer’s timeline. Both in human eyes and search engine’s “eyes” ;-)

    4) I also know that in your world usually the other bloggers pretend that they don’t see any mistake and tell you only positive things. I’m different. In my world, if I see someone making a mistake, I try to help that person by telling them what & why I think is wrong. It is always your choice whether you want to follow my piece of advice or not ;-)

  5. Hey Adrian,

    I was just reading through your post and noticed my Twitter pic under expert style out of the corner of my eye. My eyes then focused and I realised you highlighted my retweet :)

    Thanks for including it as an example and keep up the good work.

    – Stuart

  6. Hi Stuart,

    1) Since that is a very small picture I considered that you won’t be recognized. That’s why I didn’t hide your face. It seems that I made a mistake. Sorry about that, I’ll edit the picture anyway.

    2) Maybe you didn’t notice… this is a satire. There’s even a disclaimer that says it.

    3) The “Expert Style” isn’t really an expert style. According to me, retweeting your own content is not a thank you addressed to the person who retweeted you ;-) It’s just a mild way of ignoring someone who helped you.

  7. I wanted to thank you for your helpful posts! After reading this one though I can honestly say that I too, like other readers, was confused by this one. I didn’t pick up on the sarcastic/satire tone til I read the disclaimer! I kept thinking I was doing things all wrong! I think with a site like yours, people are coming here to learn more of your knowledge and ideas about Twitter, Blogging, the Internet in general, etc. and so in that case I think you can just give it to us straight. We can take it. If they can’t, they’ll leave a crabby comment!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Colleen. That disclaimer posted at the bottom is a test. I also wrote a Facebook marketing satire and there I’ve started the article with the disclaimer. This is a marketing blog, Colleen, and the magic word in marketing is testing :)

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