8 thoughts on “Single vs. Double Opt-in: Controversy or Misunderstanding?

  1. I have tried both. My preference is a double opt in.

    With double opt in I end up with less subscribers, but higher quality subscribers.

    That’s what works for me. Great article.

  2. Hi Adrian,

    Nice point to share. I used to go with double opt-in sometime back when I first started collecting my list. Now, I’m trying with single and let’s see how it work out.

    Honestly, I feel that single opt in has its own disadvantages but again, there’s nothing perfect right?

    Thanks for sharing and just my 2 cents!

    *p/s totally aware of the spam thingy


  3. Thx for stopping by, Reginald. Back in 2001 I started by using single opt-in. Now I use only double opt-in and I’m pretty sure that I’ll never change back to single opt-in :-) Oh, I almost forgot… I do agree with you, there’s nothing perfect, you’re right :-)

  4. hi Adrian! I just started building my list and am using double-opt-in. I think for me, I want to make sure I am getting the right kind of subscribers. At least for now, I would rather have a few subscribers that are loyal and interested than a whole bunch that are not. Good article and I agree — you have to stick with what works best for you, not what works for someone else. Have a great day!

  5. Double opt-in in my opinion as it gives much higher quality subscribers as well as less SPAM complaints that single opt-in. It also gives higher converstion than single opt-ins, because subscriber is more committed in receiving your newsletter.

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