17 thoughts on “SendinBlue Review: Affordable Email Marketing for Bloggers

  1. I have one question about Sendinblue. Suppose I have a list of 2000 subscribers then based on their first paid plan ($7.37), I can send 20 emails to them in a month (totaling 2000*20=40000 emails). Is this a correct assumption?

  2. I was using Mailchimp’s free plan because I don’t have a huge list, but now that I am running a new blog, I intend to start building a new email list and maybe give it a try to SendinBlue.
    Thanks for recommending the email provider, Adrian!

  3. Good review

    Can you do more reviews on email services? I would like to see sendloop, imnica, rocketresponder, etc

    1. Hi Adrian, Nice Review. I have been looking for a cost effective email marketing tool & after reading this review, now SendinBlue is also shortlisted in my list. Well, have you got any thoughts on MailGet? Or could you write a review for it? They also seem to have a lot of features at a very low price which makes me think it’d be worth giving a shot.

      1. Soniya: According to who.is, the domain name and the email address included in your blog comment submission belong to the same person who registered the domain name where MailGet is hosted.

        So your attempt was very amateurish. The same like MailGet. I already told you when you asked me by email to review MailGet.

        Since you insisted using such a cheap trick, well, here’s a public answer: MailGet sucks. Are you happy?


        P.S. I removed the domain name from your submission. For obvious reasons ;)

  4. A great review of SendinBlue, Adrian.

    It clearly points out the pros and cons of this autoresponder service and shows that this service might be a good choice for someone who’s just starting out in one of the allowed niches.

    However, like so often it is not a suitable service for someone in the make money online or affiliate marketing niche and not just because of the requested dedicated IP address. Also their pricing model isn’t designed for someone in this niche who sends daily updates to their list. Having a list of just 4,000 subscribers raises the price tag already far beyond being attractive.

    I’m looking forward to the next step in your journey and wonder if you will discover a kind of ‘one size fits all’ service.


  5. Thank you for your comment, Torsten.

    I don’t think that “one size fits all” services exist. We’re so different… That’s why it’s impossible to please everyone.

    If I say yes to a certain feature, you’ll say no. If you don’t say no, someone else will do it. How to please both of us? :)

  6. Hmmmm, how I wish most people doing reviews do it this way, there wouldn’t be difficulty online. Just heard of sendinblue, needed this exact review especially relating to them not allowing home based business and affiliate programs. Thanks very much Adrian, I would definitely go through every area of your site now, you can never tell what I would learn today. Once again thanks for this honest review.

    1. Hi Shelton,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Many email marketing services don’t allow work from home stuff or affiliate links. If you check their Terms, you’ll even see the same wording. They copied each other :)

  7. Interesting review. The point about support -> True, you dont need it often, but when you do, you typically need it STAT.

    Any thoughts on a good alternative to SendInBlue? Looking for a high level managed service. We code our own emails, so don’t need the interface. What we need is bounce/feedback loop/ISP management and killer deliverability.

  8. Greetings Adam, thanks a lot for your useful review without blablabla.
    I wish all the reviews worked in this way. You could write a tutorial How To Write Real Usefull Reviews and send them to all reviewers, LOL!

    By the way, is it possible to set up a funnel based on behavior?
    I mean, if the contact received Message Y but didn’t click after 3 days, he receives Message Z, but if he opened it, he receives Message W.

    Also, is it possible to segment Buyers and Non-Buyers?

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

    1. Hi Rafael. Who is Adam? :)

      is it possible to set up a funnel based on behavior?

      Only if you do it manually, i.e you create a sub-list “Inactive After 3 days”, move the subscribers who didn’t click after 3 days to that sub-list and then you send the message Z.

      is it possible to segment Buyers and Non-Buyers?

      You can create as many sub-lists as you want and label them according to your wishes. But the software itself cannot know what a buyer is, and whether a subscriber is a buyer or not.

      For example, you send a promotion including an affiliate link. John clicks that link. The software cannot know whether John bought that product or not. Only you can find it. If you check the affiliate area related to that product that you promoted and discover that John bought that product and therefore is a buyer, then you have to move yourself the subscriber John to the sub-list Buyers.

      1. Greetings Adrian, how are you?
        I have read Adam as one of your readers and made a mistake while typing.
        You know, when you are speaking some word and reading another one at same time, and then you speak that one that has nothing to do. Lol!
        Today I have known Mautic, have you heard of it?
        What about a mega power review about it?
        Best regards

        1. Hi Rafael,

          The main reason email marketers use third party email marketing services isn’t that they cannot get a software to send their emails. The main reason is that these companies have specialized tech staff that works on ensuring a good email deliverability.

          When you don’t use such a service but a software like Mautic uploaded and installed on your server, you’re on your own. You’re supposed to have the knowledge of that tech staff and do their job, or otherwise sooner or later you may get into trouble.

          As for the alternative of creating a free hosting account instead of installing the software on your server, you should ask yourself this question: if nobody pays Mautic anything, then is it possible that they have tech staff that is paid to ensure your email deliverability? Of course the answer is NO. So the problem mentioned in the previous paragraph isn’t solved.


          1) if you don’t have a big mailing list, there’s no point in using such a software and hiring personnel or spending time to ensure a good deliverability instead of of paying a monthly tiny fee of $10-20.

          2) there’s no point in reviewing a software that is useless to most of the people (it’s useless because they don’t have the knowledge or the personnel required to properly operate it).

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