Blog Monetization - Reviews: How to Deal with the Cons of the Product

Review Strategies: How to Deal with the Cons of a Product

Blog Monetization - Reviews: How to Deal with the Cons of the Product

One of the most effective ways to make money with your blog is writing product reviews.

Since the role of a product review is to pre-sell the product, one of the most difficult decisions you have to take is related to this question:

How to deal with the cons of that product?

You want to make money, right? So the first idea that you may have is that you don’t make money by showing how bad a product is.

That’s not an unrealistic point of view, but I have to confess that I was a little bit tricky…

You won’t try to sell a bad product, will you? So we aren’t talking here about bad products, but about cons of good products. OK?

Now let’s see the possible strategies that you can apply…

1. ‘Play the Blind’ Strategy: No Cons. The Creme de la Creme

You could pretend that there are no cons. There are many reviews out there that focus on convincing the readers that the product or the service that is reviewed is the best on the market. Even if usually it isn’t.

The truth is that there’s a segment of audience that will run away as soon as something negative is revealed. I call it the Fairy Tales audience.

So, yep, if you hide the cons, sometimes it works. However, there are at least three problems with this type of strategy:

The Fairy Tales audience is not predictable. You make ten sales today and you’re happy, but two months later you may (or may not – if you’re lucky!) find out that there were nine refunds because the product “Brown Teddy Bear” wasn’t pink as expected :P That wasn’t a con that you hid, but that’s the audience you wrote for.

The competition is tough. There are so many hyped or “I have nothing to say, buy now!” reviews… You won’t be the only one targeting that audience.

Educated people… It’s very unlikely to get their attention. Most of the time they’ll search for another review.

2. ‘Revealing Minor or False Cons’ Strategy

The minor cons and the false cons won’t hurt too much your money making goal. They will create the impression of a real, unbiased review and may build some trust.

The issue you have to face is how to define “minor”. What may be minor to you, may not be minor to someone else. Try to use your common sense.

Now I’ll give you an example of a con that I’d rank somewhere between minor and false …

Robert Tew: 'Stop breathing life into the past. It died for a reason.'

After drafting the cons part of my MadMimi (email marketing service) review, I checked other reviews to see what other people think…

Well, I discovered one of the funniest cons I have ever read: MadMimi was bought by GoDaddy. What’s the problem? Some years ago GoDaddy’s former CEO killed an elephant.

If that’s a reason for not using an autoresponder, we might need to stop buying things and move ourselves in the forest. But if we really want we could also find there something unpleasant.

The advantage of this second strategy is that it may not scare everyone from the Fairy Tales audience while targeting also the educated audience that wants to know more than how that product works and whether it’s good or not.

Disadvantages? Potential refunds for real reasons (the major cons discovered later) and loss of future earnings (if the readers consider that you cheated on them).

3. ‘Revealing the Major Cons’ Strategy

If you want to help your readers and if you respect them, you’ll reveal the major cons that you identified. Even if you risk to lose some sales.

That looks good on paper, but honestly… you don’t like the idea of helping people but losing sales instead, do you?

Don’t worry, there’s a solution…

The most effective reviews don’t hide the weak points.
A smart marketer identifies the potential objections and adds the responses or the solutions to the product review.

Want to see a practical example?

Check my MadMimi review I mentioned earlier. Disregard the service that is reviewed there. Understand the marketing technique.

To Your Affiliate Marketing Success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. You may wonder, “Where’s the fourth strategy? Revealing all cons, both minor and major.” Well, that’s not a strategy. That’s shooting in the foot…

For any product you may find tens of insignificant cons most of the people will disregard. If they read such a long list. If! A long list of cons is scary even to an educated consumer. It will only suggest that the reader should move on. Coz that it’s a negative review. It would create a false perception. It’s not helping anyone, is it?

P.P.S. Your turn. What strategy did you use by now? Will you change it after reading this article?

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6 thoughts on “Review Strategies: How to Deal with the Cons of a Product

  1. Hey Adrian.

    Some really nice points here. I’m a keen believer that you must showcase the good with the bad. When you don’t, the trust factor is lost, and the potential for visitors to return diminishes.

    My strategy is simple when I’m creating a mega, full on review. Report as I find. Simple.

    Another point is the fact that people do not expect perfection. Nearly every service or product has things that can be improved, and I’m a keen believer that it’s not a deal breaker.

    Some great points, sharing out now.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Richard. I liked the way you explained your whole strategy in four simple words: “Report as I find” Awesome :)

  3. Sure, this product has some issues with (negative aspect of product) but in the end it more than makes up for it with (list of 3 glowing positive traits of product).

    :) Good article

  4. Hi Adrian

    That’s a great review strategy. I always try to be up-front about the negatives of anything I review because I don’t like surprises when I buy / sign up for anything, so I figure neither do other people. And I always prefer to be able to say “Well it says that in my review”.

    By the way – thanks for clearing up why GoDaddy has some haters. Whether it’s the best or not I don’t know, but I’ve always had good service from them!

    Just LOVED your Robert Tew quote. It could have been written for me.

    Big apology for being missing for your blog so long.. (a) my Mum died after a long illness so my activities have been, and still are, curtailed due to helping my Dad through it all and trying to run my offline business too. I’m not really back on course yet, but getting there. Family first and all that!

    And (b) – which relates to you – I took your advice and moved my auto-responder and hosting away from GVO which took me months to achieve (intertwined with my family and offline business struggles). You were absolutely right and thanks for taking the trouble to tell me. (Hope I have it all off my blog now, that’s a WIP!) Appreciated.


    1. Hi Joy,

      1) So sorry for your loss :( May your mom rest in peace!
      2) It’s good that you moved from GVO.
      3) You don’t have to apologize for missing some blog posts – there are way more important things in life. Thank you for your comeback and detailed comment :)

  5. Great post! This is a good way to get the most of your product. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best.-Chris Thompson

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