14 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your Stellar Email Headlines Don’t Work

  1. Hi Adrian!

    Very well written. Awesome post! I will have to take some extra time to consider everything you have posted here. There is more strategy and deeper info, than initially meets the eye.

    Agreed that headlines or subject lines are not the magic bullet that everyone believes they are.

    Thanks for posting this.


  2. Thank you, Al. I appreciate your comment. If there’s anything not very clear, let me know. I removed some bits of info; the article was too long :)

  3. Hi Adrian

    Great article thanks. I do so agree with your point about cheating subject lines — once someone has done that to me once they are on my mental “suspect” list.

    Slightly off topic question: I have recently taken to marking as Junk any emails I get without a proper unsubscribe link. Do you happen to know if Thunderbird takes note and stops showing me them? I get emails from lists I would NEVER have signed up to.


  4. Adrian,

    These are great tips– especially relevant to me because I blog about a variety of topics. You’ve inspired me to send an autoresponder to my new all-category email subscribers so they can customize their subscription!


  5. Hi Adrian. I really like your point #2. When I’m scanning emails to read everyday, the first thing I look at is the sender. If it’s someone I know then I’m going to read that email, regardless of the Subject line.

    So yeah, definitely work hard to gain that initial trust because it will make a world of difference.

  6. Hi Josh,

    Thank you for the comment and RT. As for the point #2, just one more example: I’m subscribed to a newsletter titled “IM NewsWatch”. Guess what! I never read the subject lines, but I always read the newsletter :)

  7. Hey Adrian
    Interesting read.

    Email marketing is far more difficult than we are lead to believe and the target is always moving. But knowing how it works certainly helps, and you have drawn the curtain on quite a few things!

    I am currently experimenting with cold emails for my business and that is a different beast, to an extent. Although with individual emails to unknown recipients it is a more interesting experiment than my weekly email to my subscribers.

    Lets see what the results are!

  8. Hi Adrian

    As usually your posts are always full of info. Thanks for this post and I see the reason why headlines are not the only measure of successful email marketing.

  9. Hello Adrian

    I always enjoy your posts even if some of its over my head as a newbie. You defiantly gave me some great ideas that I’m going to try to clean up my email tactics.

    I will be sure to send this out in my social media.

    1. Glad it helped you, Michael, and thank you for sharing it. During the last months I wasn’t very active online, but more tips will be published soon. Stay tuned! :)

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