You're Doing it Wrong on JustRetweet

18 Reasons Why I Don’t Retweet Your JustRetweet Submissions

You're Doing it Wrong on JustRetweet

Not familiar with JustRetweet?

It’s a social sharing platform that helps its users get more retweets, Facebook Likes and Google +1 to their blog posts.

Irrespective of what content you’re submitting, some JustRetweet users will share it anyway. However, other users won’t do the same.

In order to help you maximize your results, please find below my reasons for not sharing on Twitter your submissions.

Let’s start in no particular order …

1. Your tweets are upside down: first the link and then text. English speaking people and many others read from left to right, you know that, don’t you? ;-) First you need to grab the reader’s attention (the text). After that, in case the reader wants to find out more… there must be the link. Not vice-versa.

2. The link from your tweet is inserted in the middle of the headline. This is way too weird to comment on it… Real example:

Example of tweet including a link on the middle of the headline

3. You reply to people who retweet you by claiming that you want to thank them by offering a gift (and hoping to join your mailing list in exchange of getting your garbage freebie). That will be the last time when you get a retweet from me.

4. Your tweet is of no interest to anyone but you or a few of your friends. Example:

Top Commenter of May 2013 [USER’S NAME] [LINK]

5. Your headline is excellent but your blog post doesn’t deliver what you promised in your eye-catching call to action. Or even worse, your blog post contradicts the headline as if telling the reader, “I just wanted you to click on the link, the rest doesn’t matter”…

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6. Your tweet includes misspelled words, “famous” grammar mistakes (loose vs lose, you’re vs your, then vs than, etc), words artificially connected in order to save space (other than multiple keywords hashtags such as #emailmarketing for example), etc.

7. Your call to action doesn’t have any clear meaning for anyone but you. Example:

Example of tweet including a meaningless headline

8. You don’t know how to use the hashtags properly. If you’re too busy to learn, at least stop hashtagging adjectives and verbs. (see the example above)

Helpful reading: 3 Twitter Hashtag Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Noob

9. Your link is an affiliate one or points to a sales page or a squeeze page. That’s against JustRetweet terms.

10. Due to the settings of your JustRetweet account any retweet of your content looks like I used Twitter’s native RT button.

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11. You’re a kind of copycat and your blog post doesn’t contain any original idea that belongs to you. You know, that sort of content that you can read on tens of blogs, only the wording being different.

12. Your blog looks awful (no paragraphs, 100% centered blog posts (!), etc).

13. The text that you submitted starts with a dot in front of a Twitter handle. It seems that you didn’t understand how JustRetweet works. That dot is useless. On the other hand, if you were on Twitter (not on JustRetweet), that dot in front of a Twitter handle is a lame solution anyway.

14. The credits you’re offering for a RT/Like/+1 are… how to call them without offending you? Let’s say funny. Example: from 1 to 5 credits. Why don’t you check what most of the users do? Anyway, FYI, I skip any submission that offers less than 20 credits.

15. You shared my content and then you deleted the retweets from Twitter. In such a case I’ll use the “Block” feature.

Finally, 16-18 are the reasons why I won’t share some content that is perfectly fine:

16. I don’t agree with some of the tips, ideas or recommendations from your blog post.

17. Your content doesn’t fit the topics I tweet about. Example: real estate.

18. I don’t know very well the topic you wrote about and that’s why I can’t assess the value of your content. Example: PPC advertising.

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14 thoughts on “18 Reasons Why I Don’t Retweet Your JustRetweet Submissions

  1. Hey I love JustRetweet and fall right smack dab into your reason number 16. I use JustRetweet to help promote my real estate blog. I always put my stuff under the Other category.

    It does not bother me if you do not share my real estate posts because your followers are NOT likely to be interested.

    I wish JustRetweet had a specific category for real estate. Do you think they would add one? Pretty sure I could get some of my followers to start using JustRetweet.

  2. Hi Mark, thank you for your comment. You’re 100% right when you’re saying that my followers are not likely to be interested in that topic. This is actually the reason for not resharing content that doesn’t fit my niche. If I do it, it won’t help anyone, not even you – that would be the worst type of advertising: untargeted advertising ;-)

    As for JustRetweet adding a real estate category… sorry, I really don’t know. My guess is this one: irrespective of the topic (real estate, humor, whatever), if there is enough content submitted by a reasonable number of users, then that topic will get a category for itself.

  3. I used their contact form and suggested they add real estate as a category. I was using another similar service but quit because the sharing was by people just looking to get the points I offered. Also these shares were to an audience that is not interested in my niche. So my time and points were being wasted.

  4. Good luck, Mark. Indeed, the users who share your content irrespective of the match between their niche and your niche will only waste your credits.

    Actually the problem is that some of them aren’t in any niche. They just setup a Twitter account, follow some ppl randomly, retweet everything from JRT irrespective of the topic and then use the ton of credits they got. That’s a smart but in the same time dishonest way of using JustRetweet.

  5. Hey Adrian,

    I don’t use JustRetweet and never have. I’ve heard about it and the owner has also approached me about using it but I’m a lover of Triberr and I guess to me I don’t have a large enough following to bombard them with nothing but tweets all day.

    I already have about an 8 million follower reach with Triberr so I definitely know the benefit of connecting with others so they can share your content. Maybe one day I’ll finally break down and give it a go but I can definitely relate to your points here.

    Although I’ve never run across several of the issues you mention here in Triberr I will say that I don’t share everyone’s posts. I’m in a lot of other people’s tribes so I didn’t have control over who they invited in. Some of that content my readers aren’t interested in so I’m not sharing it. Nothing against them personally, just how it is.

    Thanks for sharing your quirks about this program and hope you’re enjoying your day and your week so far.


  6. Hi Adrienne, nice to see you here. I joined Triberr some time ago but then I didn’t do absolutely anything. I really don’t remember what I didn’t like…

    Maybe it was the fact that at that time I was writing content mainly for a sub-niche that is not really large (solo ads) and I considered that I can’t get too much out of Triberr. Since I’ve started this blog, maybe I have to take a look again at Triberr :-)

  7. Hi Antoni, thank you for stopping my. Usually I do the same like you said, no RT for less than 20 credits. Very rarely, if the headline grabs my attention and the blog post is really a good one, I break my own unwritten rule and I retweet also for less credits :)

  8. Hi Adrian, I use it sparingly. I do check the links out before I retweet them because I’ve run across spam there. I also have met some great bloggers there too. So we must suffer with a few bad eggs to get through the retweet links.
    I don’t understand why some post retweets with less than 20 credits? What is the reason behind that one? I never checked to see if any deleted after sharing from there – now that’s really nasty!
    Thanks for the tips and things to watch out for on JustRetweet Adrian. It reminds me a little of Triberr as well.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Lisa.

      I don’t understand why some post retweets with less than 20 credits

      There are two types of users who offer less than 20 credits:

      1) Users who (almost) always offer less than 20 credits. Examples: Zac Johnson, Rachel Rofe, Adam Connell.

      I don’t know whether they really have a strategy or they just didn’t bother to check the “market price” ;) Or maybe they are happy getting retweets from the users who retweet everything that is submitted, irrespective of the niche or the number of credits.

      2) Users who usually offer more than 20 credits but sometimes offer 1-3 credits. Example: Erik Emanuelli

      I suspect that this is a strategy related to the number of followers. More than 20 credits for the users who have at least “x” followers, and 1-3 credits for the rest of the users. The users who have at least “x” followers see both offers, while the rest see only the 1-3 credit offers.

      1. Thanks Adrian for explaining why they may use this strategy. I could see Erik’s using less credits for those with less followers. That makes some sense :) The first group I don’t get.

  9. Hi Adrian

    LOL. You are so right and you gave 18 awesome reasons. I use Justretweet and it is an interesting platform. I have seen some of the mistakes done by some members and I have taken note to avoid these mistakes. Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome weekend.

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