CommentLuv Support for Fixing the Errors Caused by Https Links

CommentLuv: How to Fix the Errors Caused by Https Links

Fixing Several CommentLuv Errors

CommentLuv is a popular WordPress plugin that unfortunately hasn’t been updated lately.

More and more bloggers switch their blogs to https. But CommentLuv doesn’t like these links. And it displays errors in some specific cases.

I can hear you saying that you didn’t switch to https yet, so CommentLuv works fine for you.

No, it doesn’t. So keep reading, this article is useful also for you. (more…)

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Stop Spam from Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards: How to Stop “X sent you a Pin” Spam

Update, April 12, 2017: Pinterest silently removed from the help section the references to the group chat feature. It seems that the spam has been stopped.
Stop Spam from Pinterest Group Boards

Several days ago I logged into my Pinterest account. Quite many messages were waiting for me in the Messages tab.

All of them were claiming that X or Y sent me a pin. Geez, everyone suddenly started to spam me?

Very unlikely. I said to myself, “There’s something fishy here, Pinterest.”

So I took a break and I pinned something to a group board that I created.

Huge surprise… I got a message that claimed that I sent a pin. It even had the option of reporting it as spam. Kind of reporting myself for the spam I didn’t send. (more…)

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Reasons Affiliate Banners Don't Get Clicked

7 Reasons Why No One Clicks Your Affiliate Banners

Reasons Affiliate Banners Don't Get Clicked

Placing affiliate banners on your blog is one of the most common blog monetization techniques.

Not the most or the least effective. In-between.

Since the case when (almost) no one clicked a certain banner is not very uncommon, let’s analyze together why such an unpleasant situation usually happens and see what you can do to avoid it.

Speaking about solutions, the easiest one is to remove all banners. Remove all so called distractions and you won’t need to read further. There’s a huge disadvantage though… (more…)

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