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12 Easy and Tested Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Warning: Facebook's platform has no brain installed. Use your own.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog post does not constitute professional advice on any subject matter. This is a satire. Do not follow any of the 12 tips from this article unless you want to make a fool of yourself. Have fun!

Facebook marketing is awesome, it gets great results. You know it, everyone knows it.

But do you really know how to get the attention you deserve, drive waves of traffic to your websites or affiliate pages and make tons of money?

Here are 12 magic ways used only by the most experienced Facebook gurus…

1. Once someone has accepted your friend request, post a “thank you for the add” on his timeline. Plus a nice ad and the link to the latest amazing biz opp you promote.

2. Don’t bother liking and/or sharing any of your friends’ posts. That’s a waste of your time and time is money. Don’t forget that you’re the expert! Or the-soon-to-be-expert, it’s the same thing. Your friends must like your posts, not vice-versa. And if they don’t do it, move on. They’re just some freebie seekers or unresponsive leads who don’t deserve your attention anyway.

3. Post many ads on your timeline. If possible, post the same ad every hour. Marketing research shows that off the web an ad has to be seen about 20 times before someone acts on it. On the Internet it’s about 7-9 times. Conclusion? If you post the same ad every hour, your success is guaranteed.

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4. Always be positive. Alternate the ads with pictures of amazing houses & cars. Don’t forget to mention every time that if your friends learn from you, they’ll get the same amazing life. Easy, no hassles, all they have to do is to buy from your links. Once they buy, their future … bla bla … add nice things ;-)

5. Tell your friends how much money you’ve just earned during the last few days. Add at least one or two zeros to the actual figures. It will be more impressive and you know very well that reality doesn’t matter. Show them what they’d like to see ;-) After all, everyone knows that the Internet is very much different than the real world. Here you can make money while sleeping, with no previous experience and so on, you know the magic sayings.

6. If you notice that the clicks slow down, post a nice quote. But don’t mention the author, you have to impress your audience, don’t you?

Or even better, post a simple “You’re amazing!” Well, you know very well that it’s a lie. Most of your friends are not amazing, some of them maybe are really stupid (the more the better!), but it doesn’t matter. Tell them the lies they want to hear and you’ll be pleasantly surprised seeing how many likes “You’re amazing” gets. Cheering them up is getting them into buyer’s mood ;-)

How to make money from Facebook - Meme

7. Set up as many Facebook Pages as you can. Don’t worry, you don’t need to post too much on them, so you won’t waste a lot of time. Post one or two ads and that’s it. Then invite everyone to like your Page. They’ll like it even if there’s no content there. “Content is king” is an old BS saying. What matters is that it is YOUR page.

8. Post ads on other people’s Facebook Pages. Every Facebook Page admin looks for interaction and things like that. So they won’t mind if you post ads. Posting ads is interaction after all, so … no reason for them to be unhappy. It’s a win-win case.

9. Everyone on Facebook likes to get Likes, shares and comments. As previously mentioned, there’s no point in liking or sharing other people’s posts. But if you comment on someone else’s post, you have to get something in exchange, right? So… after your 2-3 words comment or LOL… add a link. That’s a fair exchange.

10. Join as many Facebook Groups as you can. Join the groups where you don’t see ads posted on their timelines. This is where the stupid people hang on. Of course they must be stupid for not posting ads and not trying to make money the easy way. But that’s not your problem.

11. Setup your own Facebook Groups. The more the better. Don’t be shy, don’t invite your friends to join them. They may miss your invitation and they’ll regret it for sure. Simply add them to your group without asking for their approval. You don’t need it. Facebook will let you do it, so … it’s legit.

A few of your friends may not like this technique. I used not to like it too. But not anymore. I got a powerful explanation from one of my Facebook ex-friends, an experienced marketer. I quoted it below so you can use it too:

Nicholas Hubbard Facebook Wisdom

12. Set up as many Events as you can. Well, not real events. A few words and your affiliate link are enough. Then invite your friends to your events. I didn’t know that such simple technique works until I sent an angry message to an experienced marketer who uses it. He kindly revealed the truth: Facebook is full of morons and this technique works great, he makes a lot of money. After all, nothing else matter… It’s all about money, isn’t it?

Now that you got those secret tips, go and apply them. And if something very unexpected happens and they don’t work, switch to email marketing, harvest as many email addresses as you can and start spamming. There’s no big difference. And the potential to make money at any price is even bigger. If that’s all that matters…

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock

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11 thoughts on “12 Easy and Tested Ways to Make Money on Facebook

  1. Haha! You are the master of irony Adrian :-)

    Now, I have to head away and pick up today’s cheque for $140,000 which I made selling a magic pill to make you learn faster, grow taller and sing better.

    By the way – adding you to a few groups today! Hope you dont mind :-)

  2. Be part of the click.

    Show me how to make more money. I’ll give you 10% can’t say any fairer than that can I?

    1. Carl, 10% isn’t enough. Using these tips you’re gonna make a LOT of money, so you can give something back, can’t you? How about 100%? LOL

  3. Well Adrian, I find most of the tips mentioned very aggressive while it might work but I don’t think most people are stupid, I think they are clever enough to know when are scamming them. Truth is the best way to market your self and your products.

    1. Hi Qasim, thank you for stopping by. First of all, I think that you’ve read the disclaimer posted under the PS, right? :)

      Well, I don’t know whether the tips are aggressive or not, but what I know for sure is that a lot of people market their stuff using one or more of the ways described above. They work, I’m sure, because there are a lot of stupid people out there, but using them is very wrong. Not everything that works is right or moral.

  4. Adrian, this is too funny! Loved it….Funny how some still only share their own stuff on FB. And how many actually DO set up several FB pages and don’t add content.

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Glad you liked it :) The people who set up FB pages, don’t add content but still invite you to like these pages are really funny. I always wondered what kind of dumb strategy is that… :)

  6. Pretty great tips here.

    I also heard that you can make money by selling your already set-up Facebook pages with a certain number of followers. As long as the page is relevant to their product as well.

    I haven’t tried it though.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. My question has always been where do people learn to use these methods? On the internet “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is not what works. On Facebook my friends list is exactly that. Friends don’t remain friends if all you do is send unwanted and unasked for links and pictures of what you are eating.

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