Switching Wordpress Blogs to Https Without Losing Social Proof

How to Switch WP Blogs to Https Without Losing Social Proof

Switching WordPress Blogs to Https Without Losing Social Proof

Switching your blog to https has a significant impact on the social proof related to all published posts.

While the share count buttons for Twitter and LinkedIn will preserve the figures they previously displayed, the buttons for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Stumbleupon will reset to zero.

That’s because the latter social media networks don’t consider https pages as being the same thing as their relevant http versions.

As a consequence, these four networks track two sets of share counts for the same blog: one set for http pages and the other for https pages.

How the Regular Social Sharing Plugins Work

Using a non-tech language, this is how a regular social sharing plugin works for each blog post:

1) The plugin checks what the exact address of the blog post is

2) The plugin asks the social network how many shares are counted for the blog post located at that exact address

3) The plugin displays on your blog post the response received from that social network.

The problem is that – as in real life – if you ask a wrong question or an incomplete question, you won’t get the most useful answer.

The plugins should ask two questions: how many shares are counted for the http address of a page and how many for the https version of the same page. Then the plugin should do the math and display the aggregate number of shares.

Most plugins don’t ask two questions though. And if you ask the customer support what’s wrong, you get the usual, “It’s not our fault, we’re just displaying the counts received automatically from that social media network API.”

Is There a Solution For Preserving Social Proof Though?

Recover Your Social Share Counts Using Social Warfare Plugins

Install Social Warfare. It’s one of the few social media plugins that has a social proof recovery feature.

Actually I found out only one more plugin that has a paid add-on for this feature. But I didn’t test it.

Because Social Warfare has more useful functions (such as preventing the addition of frames to your blog posts shared on Twitter by third parties).

After you install Social Warfare, go to the tab “Advanced” from the settings panel and there you’ll find the module “Share Recovery.”

Choose the following settings:

– Activate Share Recovery: ON
– Previous Connection Protocol: http

That’s all!

Please note that:

– the updated share counts won’t be displayed right after you activated Share Recovery feature. It will take up to 12 hours or so; however, if you want to get immediately the new share counts for a certain blog post, edit it and then refresh your browser.

– in order to keep the plugin counting the http shares, after the actual recovery don’t switch Share Recovery off.

When Is It Better to Install Social Warfare Plugin?

Before switching your blog to https or after?

I tested it on three blogs.

On two blogs I installed Social Warfare after I switched to https.

On both blogs I got a similar result: some blog posts did not get back their social proof related to some social networks.

On this blog I installed Social Warfare before switching to https.

I waited until Social Warfare displayed the social proof for all posts (it doesn’t happen instantly) and then I switched to https. None of my old blog posts lost the social proof.

Here’s why: Share Recovery feature combines its power with another SW feature …

One More Cool Social Warfare Feature

From time to time, API requests sent by social plugins fail and return zero share counts instead of the actual count.

In such a case, most plugins display zero shares. As if you lost all your shares overnight.

Instead of blaming the social network that provided the wrong answer, Social Warfare developers assumed that it is very unlikely to lose overnight all the shares for a certain network.

So they added this feature: if the share count received from a social network at a certain time is lower than the previously one, the plugin keeps displaying the higher one. Problem fixed.

Social proof is important for any blogger. Get your Social Warfare plugin now!

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16 thoughts on “How to Switch WP Blogs to Https Without Losing Social Proof

  1. Hey Adrian,

    Fabulous post! I love hearing my friends talk about Social Warfare. I don’t know how I managed without it! So many blogs and websites haven’t gotten with the program yet on the https. Hopefully, spreading awareness will help out. Passing yours along! Happy Monday!


  2. Thanks for sharing!
    The above is nice article and common trouble for bloggers who are intending to switch to https. Of course, I installed SSL certificate last few months and faced what you’ve mentioned here. However, I’m using Social Share Button for WordPress and there is an option for recovering https url change. I’ve heard lots of people said about the social Warefare, but thanks for adding more information.

    1. Hi Kimsea,

      1) I checked the source code of one of your blog posts. Your plugin actually is called “Easy Social Share Buttons”

      2) Previously I didn’t test that plugin. But I tested it now quickly and it doesn’t seem to work properly on your blog ;)

      I checked two of your blog posts: “Reduce Your Mortgage with Our Tips” and “How to Create A Charity Blog That Works- 3 Critical Tips to Consider”

      For both blog posts, your plugin shows zero shares on Twitter. I checked both NewShareCounts API and Twitter. The reality is different: your posts have been shared and the real Twitter share count isn’t zero.

      So… no, the plugin that you use is not an alternative solution for recovering the social share counts. It doesn’t do the job ;)

      1. Oops! Anyway, how can you check those? I check Facebook is working over there, but Twitter needs to reach 100 tweets in order to appear on the business. I’m using internal counter API so it might not appear on social counter. However, could please elaborate how to check it? I consciously want to learn more about that…

        1. To check the number of Twitter shares for this article that we’re commenting under, visit this URL:

          Update Aug 2018: Link removed. NewShareCounts is closed and this solution doesn’t work anymore.

          To check any other post (including yours), remove the URL of this blog post and put there the URL you want to check.

  3. Hey Adrian,

    Yup! This is one of the most common issues when sites move to https. We moved a lot of our client sites to https and before we start our work every client asks us this question.

    Luckily Social Warfare is certainly a saviour :)

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi Adrian,

    I have just moved my blog to https and didn’t recovered social proof before doing that. Though its a fairly new blog and I am guessing the damage is less but it’s good to know that Social Warfare can handle that situation.


    1. Hi Sanjeev,

      It’s not important how new your blog is. It’s important to analyze whether you lose something of value or not if you don’t recover your past shares.

      For example, if your past blog posts weren’t shared a lot, then you don’t lose too much. However, if some of your essential posts got thousands of shares and you have in place a way to capitalize such a good image, then it’s important to recover your past shares.

      That’s why recovering the past shares isn’t a must for everyone. It’s a decision to be taken by each blogger based on the actual situation of her or his blog and also based on blogger’s goals and plans.

      1. Hi Adrian,

        I agree people need to take call based on the number of shares on the post. I had few posts which have good number of shares and now they are showing 1-2 shares. I could have recovered them with Social Warfare.

        My current plugin does not support the recovery and the counts will start from scratch because most of the social networks treat http and https as two different url’s.

  5. Many thanks for this! These days moving to https has become very important for a good SEO, as Google rewards those websites which provides visitor a safe browsing experience. I thought about it but was boggled up by the tasks involved. Great read!

  6. Hi Adrian,

    This is an important tutorial you have shared. I migrated my blog from the http version to https about 2 years ago and lost all social media counts.

    How I wish I have known the plugin you mentioned. Thanks for sharing this helpful guideline.

  7. Hi,
    I have been hearing about Social Warfare for quite sometime now, but I never got to know about the indepth utility of it.
    Yes, but today is different. Your post has given be basic features where you equally tested it as well to help me make my mind towards cornering down this one.
    Thanks again

  8. Hey Adrian,
    Good to be back here buddy. How has it been going?
    I remember when I switched to https and got those button counts to zero. I panicked but soon got a solution with the same plugin you recommend here. It was a quick fix for me and most of my readers who did same.

    Thanks for sharing the problem and proposing a solution.

    do have a wonderful weekend

  9. Hey! I’m getting ready for HTTPS migration (a very large blog). I noticed on the Social Warfare page, they basically say they cannot guarantee Facebook — because Facebook changed its API in early 2017. “Please note: Due to recent (early 2017) changes to many social network APIs, Social Warfare cannot guarantee recovery of shares from networks other than Pinterest and LinkedIn. ” The comments on this post started in June 2017. So I am asking, is it still working? The only other plugin choice appears to be the “Really Simple SSL Social”. Of course you cannot test anything before hand!

    1. Hi Colleen. Any plugin that counts social shares gathers the information from the same sources: the social networks. As a consequence, if the social networks don’t provide anymore certain pieces of information, then no plugin – irrespective of the brand – will be able to provide these pieces of information.

      My recommendation is this:

      Since not switching to https is bad for you (your blog will be marked as not secure for the visitors), you have to switch anyway – even if you won’t be able to recover all share counts. As for what plugin to choose, it’s easy: Social Warfare has more features, so it’s more useful.

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