Grow your Instagram reach using Tailwind's Hashtag Finder

How to Grow Your Instagram Reach Using Smart Hashtags

Grow your Instagram reach using Tailwind's Hashtag Finder

One of the ways to increase the reach of your social media posts is to use appropriate hashtags.

The constant readers of this blog might remember my experiment where I increased the reach of a tweet by 23,810%!

The same marketing principle is valid on Instagram.

According to Track Maven’s study, Instagram posts that include nine hashtags perform 2.5x better than the posts using just one hashtag.

But how do you find the best hashtags that will get your Instagram posts the maximum exposure?

The basic method is to test manually various hashtags and see what happens. Old school method though.

There’s a modern alternative: Tailwind’s “Hashtag Finder.” Here’s how this tool helps your Instagram marketing …

Using Tailwind's Hashtag Finder
  • it provides color coded hashtag recommendations unique to every post, that appear and refresh as you type the caption. You can dismiss any suggested hashtag or you can shuffle all hashtags for a fresh list.
  • it counts the hashtags so you don’t exceed Instagram’s 30 hashtag limit.
  • it reveals how popular any hashtag is as soon as you hover that hashtag suggestion.
  • it stores the hashtag collections that you decide to save for later use.

This tool can be used on desktops with the help of Tailwind browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, or you can use it on mobile by installing Tailwind iOS app.

Besides Hashtag Finder, Tailwind includes more features to make your Instagram marketing super easy. For example, “Smart Schedule”:

  • it helps you post at the best times with smart calendar recommendations made specifically for your Instagram account, and
  • it automatically refines your schedule over time to ensure more people actually see your content in their feeds.
Wanna test the waters and see how useful the tool is? Try Tailwind for free. No time limit ;)

To Your Instagram Success!
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