Google Plus: 'Don't Circle Me Back' Badge

How to Get Rid of Your “Don’t Circle Me Back” Google+ Badge

GooglePlus 'Don't Circle Me Back' Badge

Have you already earned that badge on Google+? Well, you can always uncircle everyone who didn’t circle you back. Then circle other Google Plus users. And then again uncircle the offenders who don’t like your blue eyes. And so on, running in circles…

But there’s a better solution… Why not improving your timeline and your behavior? This is a long-term solution.

If you’re interested in applying this alternative, let me reveal my biggest pet peeves…

Before starting, let me clarify something: if you add bots or human bots to your circles, no article in the world can help you.

Now let’s get started…

Stop Adding Random People to Your Google Plus Circles

That’s gambling. I can’t help but laugh and move on every time when a “Help for New Moms” user adds me to their circles. No, thanks, what can I say?

Adding random people to your circles is like the untargeted advertising. You may get some prospects, but it’s not an effective method. You lose time and therefore money.

Remove the Community Posts from Your Google Plus Timeline

If you discovered Google Plus communities, then you know that they are a reliable source of traffic. After you share the same article 10 times in 10 different communities… what does your timeline look like? Awful! The same thing posted again and again.

As opposed to the human bots, the real users will check your timeline before adding you back to their circles. You don’t want to show them a page where they can see the same thing repeated a lot of times. Will you read this article if you see that the first paragraph is repeated ten times? Won’t you leave the page quickly? Both situations are similar.

How to solve this issue? Modify your Google Plus Settings

Google Plus Settings for Communities Posts

Nothing on Your Google Plus Timeline?

Any social media timeline, be it a Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus timeline, is the mirror which tells the world, “That’s me, that’s how I am, this is what I usually share!”

If there’s nothing posted on your timeline, why should I circle you back? Gimme a reason… Your nice haircut and your “Internet Marketing Specialist” tagline aren’t valid reasons.

Oh, I almost forgot, posting ads all day long falls under this section too. There’s still nothing on your timeline ;-)

Next one… I love it…

“What’s up?”

GooglePlus 'What's up?'

Stop asking everyone “What’s up?” That’s not social media networking.

If you circled me for no reason, your “What’s up” has no value anyway. If you circled me because you like my posts, then show it. I repeat it: show it. Like & share my posts and/or comment on my posts.

This is how you can create relationships, not by asking me “What’s up” while not liking anything I shared.

And if your plan is to answer the replies like this: “I’m into this amazing biz opp bla bla”, that is even worse! Forget about it.

The last one… It’s adorable…

Sharing Anything Directly with Me Is Annoying. Or Spam!

Google Plus - Share a Post Notification

If I already circled you back and you share a post directly with me, that’s annoying. I’ll mute you and uncircle you.

If I didn’t circle you back and you share a post directly with me, that’s spam. I’ll mute you and report you to Google Plus.

If you email me using the feature “Also send email to [name of the circle]”, that’s spam. 100% spam. By adding me to your circles you didn’t get my permission to send me emails. Even if I add you back, it still doesn’t mean that I subscribed to your crappy emails.

I’ve heard some noobs saying, “If that’s spam, why did Google add such features?”

Superman on Google Plus Sorry, that’s a dumb question. If you get a Gmail email address and you send emails to everyone on this planet, is that OK just because technically it is possible due to the same well-intentioned Google?

All these features are made available by Google Plus because there are situations when it’s appropriate to use them. For example, add your family members to your circle “Family” and share posts with them, email them, do whatever you want. I guess your mom won’t consider that you’re a spammer, will she?

To Your Google Plus Success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. What are your pet peeves? What Google+ mistakes bother you? Did I miss anything? Feel free to let me know using the comment section below ;-)

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28 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Your “Don’t Circle Me Back” Google+ Badge

  1. This is great advice for those really wanting to get the most out of G+ and not waste time and energy on non productive stuff. Thanks for the post. I look forward to reading more of your tips and hints. Thanks

  2. Hi Adrian,

    I am on Google+ but I’ve only used very little of it. It’s on my list of “things to explore further”. These tips are certainly useful, not that I would add random people or keep asking “what’s up?” :D But immediately after reading this post I went onto my Google+ account and unchecked that box about Google+ communities posts. I certainly don’t want to accidentally fill my page with the same post!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day :)


  3. LOL, Laura, nice comment :) You definitely should explore Google+. I get a lot of traffic from it and without effort. Focus on communities ;-)

    Have a great day too, Laura! :)

  4. You rock! I hated seeing all of the community posts on my news feed. It drove me nuts. Thanks for the info on fixing it. I just followed you on Google + and I promise I’m not a human bot, just a newbie who is slowly learning.

  5. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for your comment. I’m a little bit busy right now but very soon I’ll check Google+. It’s obvious that you’re not a bot, don’t worry :-) The human bots don’t waste their time by reading articles and commenting on blogs. They’re busy spamming the others, making millions over night (in ther dreams, of course LOL), etc.

    Have a great day, Amy! :)

  6. First, thank you, thank you, and thank you for pointing out that you can remove the community posts from your timeline.

    Second, couldn’t agree more for the need to interact with others by sharing and commenting on the content they share. I believe this applies not only applies to Goggle+, but with Twitter and Facebook as well.

    Great article, Adrian!

  7. Hi Adrian,

    I enjoy your unique style of pointing out small little mistakes people make (and I have made some as well). Thank you for sharing about the community thing. I didn’t know about that and first thing I did today was – I fixed that even before putting this comment here.

    Regarding “What’s up”, yes, tell me about it. I have received quiet a few in last several months myself. It is irritating and I thought it’s some kind of spamming (just like Twitter DMs) that people have begun using on Google+. We must not indulge in such activities.

    A great post with a lot of value. Thank you for sharing!


  8. Hi Kumar,

    Thank you for your comment. The small mistakes must not be ignored. A wall has a lot of bricks. Most of the bricks, if not all, are actually important. Take one out and… you never know what happens :)

  9. HI Adrian,

    I have to admit I haven’t gotten started with Google plus. I’ve heard so many people talking about it lately, I just haven’t had the time to check it out.

    However, after reading this post I think that maybe I should set some time aside today and go check it out.

    Thanks for sharing this information with us Adrian and I hope you have a great Sunday. I’ll talk to you later.

  10. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your comment. Some people say that Google+ is a ghost town. I don’t know whether that is what they’ve heard ;-) or it’s their own experience. What I can tell you is that without a lot of effort I’m getting a lot of traffic from Google+. My piece of advice is this one: try it :)

  11. Hi Adrian,

    Ok I admit, you got me there again and it was just like you were referring to me alone in the blog post :)
    Thanks for the heads up, you just saved me ;)

    Everything’s back to normal.

  12. You’re welcome, Gilbert. I’ve noticed that you already made the change I recommended you. I don’t know whether I saved you or not, but now your timeline looks better ;-)

  13. Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for the educative information on best practices to use Google plus.

    Honesty, you have really help clear some sort of confusing steps racking my head on various circles I have, most especially unchecking the Google plus communities.

    I’d sure implement these steps.

  14. Hi Adrian,

    Very true, Adding random people and having an empty profile is totally wrong for any social media. Thanks for the tip on how to stop showing your posts on community groups on your profile, that was very helpful.

  15. Hi James,

    Sorry for the delay in approving your comment. It was marked as spam by Akismet and that’s why I didn’t get any email notification regarding a new comment. Thank you for your comment! :-)

  16. Hello Adrian, sometime i just see myself get added in communities which i know i will NEVER participate!

    Why add me to a “fashion” community? or even a relationship community?

    i just won’t be active, and it’s like having someone who is not there.

    I also learn a lot from this epic post, you really got me glued to the very ending.

  17. Hi Isaiah,

    I own a Google+ community and I can tell you that there’s no way to add someone to such community. I can only invite people, I can’t add them.

    So, I guess you’re actually asking why you get invitations to join communities you’re not interested in.

    There’s only one answer… The persons who sent you the invitations didn’t check your Google+ timeline in order to see whether you might be interested in their community or not. They just sent random invitations to everyone they know.

    However, it’s up to you whether you accept or not their invitation. It’s not like in case of Facebook groups where you can be added to a group without your agreement.

  18. Hey Adrian thanks so much for this list and the heads up on tip number two, very useful, I went and changed the setting straight away in my Google+ profile :) I love to share posts in communities but hated seeing a messy timeline, looked spammy.

  19. Hi, Adrian, nice post. I read somewhere that I should specifically add circles when posting, rather than leave it at ‘Public’ only. However, the spammy feeling makes sense, especially when I add the Following circle, which may not even be following me back. So I’ll cut that out…

  20. Hi Donald,

    I don’t know where and what you’ve read. There are so many dumb tips out there.

    You could add some circles when posting if the people from these circles requested notifications from you. Kind of opt-in ;-)

    For example, here is a Google+ post by Mike Allton where he invites everyone who would like to opt-in to let him know: update Aug 2018 – that G+ post isn’t available anymore.

    He does it right. Most of the people do it wrong and only spam the others.

  21. Hi Munna,

    The number of your circles depends on you and isn’t important anyway. Most probably you wanted to say that you don’t have too many followers – people who added you to THEIR circles.

    I have checked your profile and there’s no wonder that people don’t follow you. Here are some reasons:

    1) You didn’t comply with “rule” #2 from this article

    2) Do you know why most of the times the name of the community where you posted is displayed as a strikethrough text? Because…

    – your post was considered spam or low quality content
    – or you didn’t comply with community’s rules

    and it was actually deleted from that community.

    3) You’re not very social. You don’t share other people’s content.

    4) You share links without descriptions.

    5) You don’t post frequently. For example, during October and November you didn’t post anything.

    Fix these problems and you’ll get more followers ;-)

  22. I recently uncircled a bunch of people I have been following for a while and now Google in its wisdom is filling my stream with the ‘you might know….’ from them. Using the ‘show fewer posts’ option doesn’t make any difference. Do you know if these unwanted suggestions lessen over time or am I doomed to continually be prompted to add them?
    Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

    1. Hi Michael. I never circled and then uncircled a lot of people because such a procedure doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t think that using such a “brute force” method is a good marketing technique. So… I don’t know how to get rid of the consequence you mentioned or whether Google’s suggestions lessen over time or not.

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