Facebook Marketing Fails

3 Facebook Marketing Techniques to Put in Your Trash Can

Facebook Marketing Fails

So you’re on Facebook. And you’d like to promote your blog, products, whatever.

But if you annoy your Facebook friends or fans, what are the chances for your marketing to succeed?

Close to zero. Unless you target some noobs, rednecks or spammers who might even copy your annoying “awesome” techniques.

While almost everyone would agree that it’s bad to annoy the prospects, the real problem for some marketers is identifying – in practice – what techniques might annoy their friends.

The difficulty comes from from the fact that some annoying methods have a certain degree of effectiveness. The same like the email spam. That’s why they may be perceived as good techniques.

On top of that, let’s face it, Facebook allows and sometimes even encourages its users to be jerks. While it’s none of my business how Facebook runs its platform, my piece of advice is not to hurt your Facebook marketing by applying some techniques allowed by Facebook but annoying to anyone who has a brain installed :P

Now let’s practice…

1. Adding Friends to Your Facebook Group

So you’ve started a Facebook group. What would you do next? You have three choices:

a) You promote your group

On your timeline, on your blog, in your emails, etc.

That’s perfectly fine. If I see your promotional post and I’m interested in that topic, maybe I’ll join your group. If I don’t see it, the problem is yours not mine. You shouldn’t try to solve it by wasting my time …

b) You invite me to join your group

You’re on the edge. I’m not a fan of this method because it’s based on an assumption. The assumption that I might be interested in joining your group. I don’t like it very much when people make assumptions regarding my person and then take an action that affects me in a way or another. But I’m not saying that this method is a bad one, so let’s move on.

c) You add me to your group

Added to a Facebook Group Notification

In the first two cases (a & b), the decision whether I join your group or not is mine. That’s OK.

In the last case (c), you have taken a decision on my behalf. Excuse me? Who do you think you are?

It’s true that I can leave your group at any time. But that will waste my time. For no reason. What if I add your email address to my mailing list without your approval? You’ll be free to unsubscribe. Would you like it?

2. Inviting Your Friends to Like a Facebook Page

Don’t tell me that you’ve never been invited to like a Page you had no interest in. It was annoying, wasn’t it?

Example of invitation to like a Facebook Page

Result for the sender? One friend annoyed. Worse than zero!

What if the sender of the invitation is more than a Facebook friend? It may happen that you Like the Page, even if you have no interest in that Page. Admit it!

Result for the sender? One like. A poisonous gift though…

How valuable is that like? Don’t tell me that you’ll keep reading and liking posts you have no interest in. You’ll ignore the posts, won’t you? The more likes like yours, the worse the engagement. Then Facebook’s algo does its job and fewer and fewer fans see the posts.

Updated result? Even worse than one friend annoyed.

Now think about YOUR Page. You don’t wanna annoy your friends, do you? You don’t wanna get forced likes that eventually lower the engagement and ruin your marketing, do you? You don’t wanna have one of the many Pages that have thousands of likes but zero engagement on their posts.

The solution? Don’t exchange Page likes and don’t invite your friends to like your Page. Get natural likes from people who really like your Page.

Reshare the posts from your Page on your profile and on Facebook groups. If your friends (or friends of your friends, or even strangers) like these posts, they may decide to get more from you and consequently they will like your Page. That’s the natural flow. In the long term it’s way more useful to your business.

3. Tagging People For No Reason

If you share an article and you tag the author in that post, that’s great. There are many other situations when tagging someone in a post or photo is OK.

But when you do it for no other reason than trying to get the attention, that’s annoying. And spam.

Don’t hide yourself under lame explanations such as, “Since you liked my previous article, I assumed that you’ll like this one too” or “Since you’re a marketer, I assumed that you might be interested in reading this marketing article.”

In addition to the fact that the person tagged is notified, every time when someone comments on that post, a new notification is sent:

Example of Facebook notification regarding a comment on a post I'm tagged in

I didn’t understand that comment. But even if I did, getting such notifications is super annoying.

No, updating my settings and untagging myself from that post aren’t reasonable solutions. If I start screaming for no reason, the solution isn’t that you run away or cover your ears ;)

Instead of Conclusion: But “John Guru” Does It!

It is very likely to see posts like this one …

Lots of People Tagged in a Facebook Post

… and I can hear you, “Hey, I know that guy. He’s an expert. And he did exactly what you told us not to do! You kiddin’ or what? Is this another Facebook satire of yours?”

If John Doe keeps tagging you for no reason in pics not related to you, most probably you’ll ban him.

However, if John Guru does the same thing for no other reason than getting more likes, increasing the engagement and then making more money, I don’t know about you but many fans will be happy. There’s a simple explanation … Their idol tagged them. Wow! :P

If you have some brainwashed fans, don’t listen to me, you can do whatever you want. It doesn’t mean that it’s good though. But it works indeed because sometimes popularity offsets many things usually perceived as mistakes.

Think of some popular politicians. Many mistakes. Getting plenty of votes though. But if you make their mistakes, you’re screwed. So be sure you know who you are. And then act accordingly.

To Your Facebook Marketing Success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. Have you joined my new Facebook group of internet marketing and blogging friends? Why not? Coz I haven’t spammed you? This is your invitation to join. Beware, the group is very tiny. Coz it has rules and spamming isn’t allowed – and therefore it sucks :P

P.P.S. Are you annoyed by any of the techniques described here? Have you ever used them?

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25 thoughts on “3 Facebook Marketing Techniques to Put in Your Trash Can

  1. Hi Adrian, awesome tips! I really like the one about having friends like your page when they have no interest in it. That’s why I don’t post everything to everyone on Facebook.
    I also like your points about adding people to groups etc. I would prefer your method of having it on this post :)
    I find tagging to just share their posts very annoying unless they mention me in that post.
    It’s amazing how some folks use Facebook still today Adrian.

  2. Hi Adrian,
    Facebook has simply just provided the tool and allowed anyone to do anything ;)

    Some folks have fully forgotten the natural aspect of growth. They just want the numbers without care given to value. There are things I’ll never do and I mean it. And if people just invite me to groups or add me without my consent, they should forget. I’m just a plus on the number and nothing else

    The worst is to tag people simply because you think you have published a ‘shit’ post or you just published the picture of your grand ma.

    Who cares?

    It’s pure rubbish and I get always annoyed because once you are tagged, any action on the post you are tagged in keeps spamming your fb window, which is bad.

    These methods are a waste. Maybe those who do this get some results (like email spammers as you put it) but how long will it last?

    Have a wonderful week bro


    1. Some folks have fully forgotten the natural aspect of growth

      These days everyone’s talking about growth hacking. So there’s no wonder that some folks avoid the natural flow by using such methods ;) A great week to you too, Enstine!

  3. Oh yes, I do hate the tagging for no reason that certain people do. In fact, when that happens, 99.9% of the time, they end up hidden. I simply do not want them doing that.

    Another excellent and practical article Adrian, thanks again!

    1. Hi Hermann,

      If you hide posts, you’re the only one who doesn’t see such hidden posts. So you don’t hide anything. All the other people see that you’re tagged in that post or picture. On top of this, hiding a post doesn’t prevent the offenders to tag you next time in their posts.

      A mild solution is to untag yourself or to ask the offenders to stop tagging you. A severe solution is to directly block them without wasting your time anymore.

  4. Yep! And I’m featured in this article :(

    I don’t keep my Facebook account all salesy and business-ly. I have a couple of offline friends and tons people who are not even marketers at all. That’s why most of the time I strive to hit the balance between marketing and play.

    I hate it when someone tags me in something I have no interest as well. But Adrian that shot you took was not to market anything… It was a joke and I get it! You don’t have time for jokes.. Either ways I’m terribly sorry again for that.

    This is an awesome post. The moment I saw the headline I thought you would’ve added posting to Facebook groups among the list.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. that shot you took was not to market anything

      Did you see the example of tagging shown in the section “Instead of Conclusion”? That person doesn’t market anything either. Many times such posts don’t market anything. But that’s a lame excuse. The goal of such non-marketing posts is to increase the engagement and then make the next marketing posts visible in the news feed of the friends who engaged with the non-marketing content. A smart strategy that involves a junk technique though (tagging).

  5. I hate when people add me to groups that have nothing to do with my industry or interests. Great post!

  6. Hi Adrian

    You sure listed the three annoying techniques used on Facebook and as you brilliantly shared, it is time one puts such techniques in the trash can. I have seen them all on Facebook where people just send me invites for pages that I am not interested. Really annoying.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. I’m with you on all of those but especially that tagging thing! I mean really, I live in Syracuse NY, so why are you tagging me about some event in Dallas TX or Portland Oregon? Please people, let’s show some decorum & common sense! :-)

    1. Hi Mitch,

      Oh, common sense? No such thing out there, Mitch. I stopped asking questions. Why should I waste even more of my time reading funny or dumb responses such as…

      1) Everyone does it. Including the guru X.
      2) Hey, man, it’s just an invite, what’s the matter? If you don’t wanna come, then don’t!
      3) This is how Facebook works. If you don’t like it, you can untag yourself.
      4) Ok, I’ll unfriend/block you.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mitch!

  8. Hey Adrian,

    Great tips and post.

    I’ll admit that I’m guilty of sending requests to friends for FB page likes. I just started my page less than a month ago and wanted some traction there .. But you’re right. It’s better to get it naturally.

    Oh I HATE when people invite me to groups. I’m pissed off and it’s a daily occurrence of me leaving a group and not allowing members to add me back.

    And usually people that do that I end up blocking anyway, so was there really a point there?

    Great stuff.

    – Andrew

    1. I am so sorry Andrew for sending you so many invites to join my Facebook group. I know now how frustrating and annoying it can be and have been to you.

      Hope you forgive me. :)


  9. Hi Adrian,

    I don’t mind that much if people invite me to like their page, especially if it is a related one. Usually I can see from the notification already if it is a fit or not.

    However, the other two techniques are definitely a no go, and I usually unfriend people who tag me in their spammy posts or add me to some random groups.

    Have an awesome day,

    1. Hi Torsten. Maybe you’re not annoyed when you get a Like invitation for a page related to your interests. But many times such Likes are poisonous gifts (see the article) – you should admit it ;) That’s why I added the technique to the trash can list. A great day to you too!

  10. Great points Adrian! I’m not really sure why Facebook lets people add you to groups without your permission. I created a video that shows how to permanently remove yourself from the group — but not until after you unfriend the person who added you. There is absolutely no one on Facebook that I will not unfriend if they add me to a group. I even ask my daughter’s permission!

    Thanks for this!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ileane.

      I’m not really sure why Facebook lets people add you to groups without your permission.

      I don’t know what other people think, but Facebook looks to me like a platform designed for spammers.

      There are several features that aren’t designed for the regular user but for spammers. For example, the ability to tag tons of people in a comment and the inability of the tagged users to untag themselves.

      Or… if you check some of the ads approved and displayed by Facebook, it’s impossible not to see misleading ads that break FTC guidelines. For example, see this junk ad.

  11. I personally don’t use the one where you invite all your friends. Even though it might not be a bad idea. What I like more is asking them through facebook messages once I’ve talked about it and see if they actually have any interest.

  12. I admit that I used to do what you said all above, but not now. I learned about these mistakes a few years ago when I met a professional marketer who taught me various things related to relationship and business.

    You know? Last few years, I acted as a stupid and crazy social media marketer. I tagged too many friends without focus on interest, posted my links to as many groups without caring of relevancy, and added as many friends as I can do. I remember that Facebook put me in the jail for a while.

    Even I tried hard to spam on Facebook. I worked hard but I didn’t make any income. I don’t know, but it seems to me that social media marketing isn’t working that way. So, if anyone are doing that, please don’t waste the time.

  13. Hey Adrian, it’s nice to have discovered your blog today, all thanks to surfing Lisa’s great blog today. :) Isn’t that the power of blog commenting?

    Really, you shared a really lovely post here and I think I should commend you with a thumbs up. You see, in the past, I have had to deal with being added to annoying Facebook groups and just last month I removed myself from over 833 groups, thanks to Facebook Social ToolKit for saving me from doing it manually.

    But you know what, I still get added to such groups every now and then and here’s what I do now, I remove myself from the group and then I go straight to unfriend and block that person from my list of friends. Think it’s better that way. Not so?

    However, if I think the blogger who added me to be somesort of idol, I might just send a friendly email of how I don’t appreciate being added to groups without my consent. Most times, it always turned out to be that that blogger might have been hacked or something. There a lot of folks engaging in what they call phishing site – just to steal your login details and then use your account at will for whatever their plots are.

    Thanks for sharing this post man, it’s really appreciated!


  14. Hey Adrian,
    Great advice. I agree with them all. As a matter of fact, I’m finding that what works best with facebook is paid advertising. Not even promoting to people who have willing liked your page on their own accord is effective. At least, not to me.
    Thanks for those valuable points.

  15. Hey Adrian,

    First time visitor and already hooked!

    So true, some shady tactics can backfire. Facebook is great for traffic. But done the wrong way, you are in trouble.

    Get natural likes or shares from people who really like your Page – This is the key.

  16. Hi, Adrian and thanks for writing this awesome article! I completely agree with being tagged to a post you have no interest in… That can be really annoying!

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