Extend the Reach of Your Product Review

How to Easily Extend the Reach of Your Affiliate Review

Extend the Reach of Your Product Review

Affiliate marketing is a numbers game. The more quality traffic you drive to your affiliate review, the more sales you make.

The question is, “How to reach a wider audience?”

You could increase your marketing budget. You could also work more and promote harder your review. Both are solutions indeed.

But what if I tell you that there’s a third solution that doesn’t involve money and it isn’t related to the time you spend promoting your review?

Got your attention? Keep reading, the solution is coming your way…

I bet you partially guessed what I’m gonna talk about… It’s the actual review that could be improved, isn’t it? More precisely, the headline…

1. Common Headline Templates Used by the Affiliate Marketers

Product_Name – My unbiased review

Product_Name – Review, prices, features, comparison

Product_Name – Review and Bonus

And many other versions that basically include the name of the product/service, the word review and several other generic words.

2. What’s the Problem with Those Headline Templates?

The target audience of your review can be divided in two main types of prospects:

A) The people who heard of Product_Name but haven’t bought it yet

B) The people who never heard of Product_Name but could be interested in buying it.

Let’s suppose that you share your headline + link on Twitter. Who will click your link?

Example of tweeting the headline of a product review on Twitter

The people from the first category may or may not click your link. The people from the second category will definitely not click your link unless…

– the name of the product is very suggestive;
– they are your very loyal fans or
– they are plain stupid or they’re killing their time.

Not convinced? See the tweet above? What does the headline suggest to you?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing but the fact that someone reviewed something. It may be a new type of pizza. Or a new car. You have no clue. So why should you be interested in it?

See the loss? Usually most of the people from the second category will not click that link. If I also add the fact that usually the second category is larger than the first one, you can see how bad those common templates are.

3. How to Write a Winning Headline for Your Product Review

Now the answer comes easily, doesn’t it? Address your headline to both A and B categories. That’s the whole secret.

Think like a marketer. Act like a marketer.

For example, ask yourself why should someone buy that product and then use the answer to compose the headline. Don’t forget to use keywords. The generic words won’t do the job.

4. Practical Example

A couple of months ago I reviewed INinbox. It’s an email marketing service like Aweber or GetResponse.

I asked myself, “Who is one of the biggest competitors for INinbox and what are its weaknesses?”

Aweber, isn’t it? In order to find out Aweber’s weaknesses, I analyzed its offer, the complaints of the past or actual customers or prospects, and the long tail keywords used by the people who searched different things in connection with Aweber.

It came out that one of the weakest points is the price. What about the prices charged by INinbox? I guess they are the lowest on the market except for the free autoresponders. So this headline was born:

Email Marketing Deal: 5 to 15 Times Cheaper Than Aweber

I didn’t even mention INinbox. It’s quite an unknown brand anyway.

If you think that by omitting INinbox I didn’t address the first type of prospects (The people who heard of Product_Name but didn’t buy it yet), you’re wrong. If they heard of INinbox, then for sure they heard of Aweber and they’re looking for an autoresponder. What does my headline offer to them? Exactly what they’re looking for ;-)

To Your Affiliate Marketing Success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. Instead of the conclusion – What would be one of the possible main ingredients for a successful headline for your affiliate review? It is… drum roll please… the major benefit of the product or service you review. Benefit. Not feature. Don’t forget to use keywords specific to that product. Not generic words.

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10 thoughts on “How to Easily Extend the Reach of Your Affiliate Review

  1. You’re so right, Adrian! I see so many awful headlines for these sorts of posts and I NEVER read them, but I have already been intrigued by and read several of yours. Well done!

  2. Hi Brittany,

    It’s not unexpected the fact that many people don’t read that kind of “Review and Bonus for You-Don’t-Know-What’s-This” :-)

    Thanks for stopping by, commenting and sharing!

  3. Hi Adrian,

    I have to confess that I do this mistake myself.

    Well, now I can say I did, because you convinced me that the usual headlines used for reviews just limit your reach. Writing a headline that focuses on the benefit will do much better and extend your reach. In the end it is like with a sales copy, features tell, benefits sell.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Hi Torsten,

    I’m glad the article helped you. I think that any marketing action, material, etc can be improved by doing this:

    1) you temporary force yourself to forget who you are and what your role is;

    2) you place yourself in your audience’s shoes and then you ask yourself, “What’s this? Why do I care?”

    This sort of technique works great when done correctly :)

  5. Hi Adrian,

    This is an excellent post as usual but that review and especially that headline was very intriguing. In fact, all the Aweber subscribers who saw that headline would have clicked on that link to find out the details. It was clever indeed!

    Well, you are right. The headline has to be interesting and it has to have the value proposition for people to click on it. This is a very insightful idea my friend because I remember the writing product reviews with one of those boring headlines and no wonder those posts did not bring a lot of revenue :-)

    Thank you for this brilliant post and have a wonderful new week!


  6. Hi Kumar,

    Thank you for your comment and shares. Some techniques – even if they don’t look good – work fine under certain special conditions.

    For example, that type of boring headline, if it’s used by an IM expert in an email sent to a targeted audience of IM fans and the product has a very suggestive name, well, it may work fine.

    However, if you copy that technique but alter the special conditions – you’re not an expert, you don’t send it to a targeted audience, you don’t use it in email, you promote a product not having a suggestive name, well, your result would be very much different.

    Actually you didn’t copy the technique. You just altered the original pattern and used a new one that may not work the same like the original one ;-)

    Many internet marketers make this type of mistake – copy a coach but alter the special conditions. And then even make a fool of themselves & their coach claiming that this is what their coach taught them.

  7. Hi Adrian

    Thanks for those useful tips. Headlines are my weak point, but you’ve given me some useful ideas to improve them.

    Have a great weekend.


  8. Wow man, that’s really a great idea.
    I also use the normal headlines most of the time, but now I know that I can sell an unknown product by using the name of its popular competitor.

  9. Hi Arbaz,

    Yep, you can do that if the weakest point of that popular competitor is one of the strongest points of the unknown product. Otherwise, it doesn’t work so well and you should be careful not to mislead the readers.

  10. Hey Adrian,
    What an excellent post buddy

    I do review posts frequently on my blog so I do get your post so well.

    Well analyzed with case studies.

    Sometimes, I use as title “product_name: how the product solves a problem” Readers who don’t know about the product can identify with the problem. That’s kind of embracing both categories you mentioned above.

    Thanks for the post man. Have a wonderful weekend

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