15 thoughts on “Email Marketer’s Silent Enemies

  1. Thanks for the info and for mentioning me in the post! :)
    These are really nice tips for people interested in email marketing and especially for those interested in buying solo ads. It’s really wise to check the url tracker’s domain name on the Spamhaus you mentioned every time before you send an email to a list.
    As marketers we want to test always our actions in order to be more effective and successful and this is the way to do it correctly.

  2. Useful information – thanks, Adrian.

    Assuming the email IS delivered, it is also important to
    realize that people are more likely to click on a link if they can see where the link will take them and they trust the sender.

    New subscribers who do not know you may be less inclined to click on non-transparent links in your emails.

    I usually think twice before clicking on a shortened link, unless I know the sender. In my experience, links where the domain name is visible attract higher click-through rates.


  3. It’s also worth checking whether the URL shortening provider is going to syphon off or take a cut from any affiliate commissions you might be expecting for yourself. Apparently TinyUrl practice this and I’m sure they’re not the only ones.

  4. Hi Patrick. Thank you for your comment. It’s the first time when I see someone claiming that TinyURL steals affiliate commissions. Do you have any proof for your claim?

  5. Oh, I’m sick of WF posts regarding ClickBank commissions stolen by ClickBank itself, by TinyURL, by… etc. WF is a great forum but has also an expected disadvantage: is populated by tons of people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Actually I was pretty sure that you refer specifically to ClickBank commissions and not to any affiliate commissions.

    What all these complainers don’t seem to understand is that CB system itself is the problem, not someone else.

    No matter how you hide your affiliate link, an internet marketer who wants to buy the product will see that it’s a CB product. He will find out what his affiliate link is and then buy that product after he clicked on his aff link. The commission goes to that person, you get nothing. Since CB allows such purchases a lot of affiliates lose money.

    This is how the commissions are lost. It is obvious, but sometimes the people don’t see the obvious things. They look for conspirations :-)

    On the other hand, “assuming” has no value. Make this test: cloak one of your CB aff links. Then during a few days, click at random hours on your TinyURL link and see if someone has changed your link. I’ve made such tests long time ago. All results were identical… No one from TinyURL steals my commissions. What do you think? Am I working for TinyURL? Am I somehow protected by TinyURL? Nope ;-)

  6. I hardly use Clickbank myself, preferring to promote physical products and services when it comes to affiliate marketing. Some affiliate programmes such as Affiliate Window have their own in-house URL shortener which are very good while others such as Tradedoubler don’t, thus leaving you to choose between sticking with an untidy looking URL or an appropriate shortener. Hence my interest in your post rather than wanting to debate the merits or otherwise of Clickbank.

  7. Hi Adrian,

    Your blog post definitely caught my attention. I just recently started using Bitly in hopes of being able to track the clicks that I got to the links.

    However, I may have to re-think that as I never really knew that about Bitly.

    I think that I will stop using it. The last thing that I want is for my links to get blocked.

    I think that if you offer valuable things that help people, they are more likely to buy. Thanks for sharing this information it definitely helped me. Have a great week.

  8. Click tracking system is important in email marketing campaign I believe. Its one way we can understand whether the recipient like our news or not. If not then we can change the marketing campaign to find the most suitable one.

    Great post

  9. When it comes to email marketing, it’s something I’ve never delve in to or tried before but this is one post which is some sort of an eye opener for. Thanks for this!

  10. Hi,
    There are worthy tips for me as I am going to start online marketing to grow myself. I really thanks to for sharing these tips.

  11. Hi,
    for someone like me who wants to know more about email marketing campaign and how my messages to arrive on customers Inbox folder all tips from this post are great.

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