How to Turn a Dumb Tactic of Your Affiliates into a Helpful One

Could save all problems in the world. Causes almost every problem in the world

I’ve noticed today a complaint posted on Facebook by C.B., one of my FB friends:

“Some marketers have ZERO integrity! Look at this guy who is marketing my product. He says it is a ‘free download’ and then you click his link and bang, goes to a sales page… I HATE that he is using dishonest marketing to sell my product.”

The truth is that no one likes when his affiliates use misleading techniques. Let’s see if you can solve such an issue and… if you really want to solve it! (I’m not joking!)

If the affiliate program allows banning, that can be a method to solve the issue. Or you can try to contact the affiliate and ask him to stop such dishonest practices.

But you may not succeed in contacting that affiliate. Or you may not succeed in convincing him that such marketing is misleading and it’s something bad. Do you know why? It’s hard to convince an idiot that he’s an idiot ;-)

So … what can you do?

Forget for the moment about that affiliate and let me tell you about a real problem an author of a successful ebook has…

There will always be people who want to get your ebook but are not willing to pay for it. Some of them post requests on blackhat forums to get your ebook for free. And sometimes they get it. Others search on Google for the name of the ebook plus “free download” or other similar keywords.

And now pay attention… If a free download link is posted somewhere online, Google doesn’t know that it’s an illegal action… the link to that page will show up in searches and it will be ranked very high… if there’s no competition for the searched keywords (name of ebook plus free download).

Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation - Michael Jordan quote Guess why I underlined the previous sentence… Here comes the trick…

The affiliates who try to sell your ebook to people who are not willing to pay for it but are looking for a free download (BTW, that’s a really dumb affiliate marketing strategy)… are competitors for the people who illegally posted a free download link. Their misleading advertisements will appear in searches too…

The more fake free download pages posted by dumb affiliates, the bigger the competition for illegal but real free download links.

What’s the result of that competition? A good one for you. Many people who wanted to cheat by getting your ebook for free will notice that they were cheated themselves (by your dumb affiliates), they will get bored and angry but will stop checking the search results from Google.

Isn’t it really funny? :-) You don’t have to do anything. Let the dumb people be dumb and they will help you by competing with the scumbags who want to illegally share your ebook. This is the best solution. Do nothing, don’t waste your time. That dumb affiliate technique will turn alone into something helpful!

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5 thoughts on “How to Turn a Dumb Tactic of Your Affiliates into a Helpful One

  1. Hey mate..

    Good writing and I got your concept! Nice of you to think of that!

    Thanks for sharing and let the dumb help us out :)


  2. haha, this is not the first time. i’ve seen many blogs doing this in the name of affiliate marketing, what do we call that. they promise you freebies but when you click they’ll require you to bring out your credit card. Time for us to be more wise and know how to deal with the dumb. let the dumb people be dumb :)

  3. Hmmm, so my take home message is that I really need to have a product to offer so that I get a bunch of free marketing. Joking aside I love it when unscrupulous sales people get what is coming to them. I never would have thought of this angle. Nicely done!

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