To get a reply, comply with these rules and requirements!

Unusual contact page. Isn’t it? Well, I’m sick of companies and bloggers who have no common sense.

So you plan to contact me, right?

In case you wanna get a reply to your email, you may wanna read the following pieces of information, simple rules, or whatever you may wanna call them…

Not Interested in Your Ads

1. I’m not interested in buying any amazing crap – whether product or service. No, I’m not hiring writers, SEO or social media experts, virtual assistants or whatever position you may want to apply for.

No Help Wanted

2. No, I’m not a helpless creature that needs your help. If you wanna contact me, you need my help. Compose your message accordingly. Btw, don’t assume that I’m a charitable organization.

If you disagree, it’s easy: don’t contact me.

Blog Comments Not Approved

3. If your comment isn’t approved within 24 hours, maybe I’m sick. Or I died. I hope that’s not the case though. Or maybe I’m traveling and I don’t have Internet access. Anyway, read my Comment Policy before sending an email. Usually the answer is there ;-)

Guest Posts

4. The name of this blog is Adrian Jock’s Internet Marketing Tips. Let me emphasize something… Adrian’s tips. Therefore, no, I don’t accept guest posts.

Blogger Outreach

You’re invited to leave this blog asap if you think that blogger outreach involves these two parties: one smart guy (you) and a moron (me) who works for free for your benefit.

Review Requests

5. If you want me to review your internet marketing product or service, then…

– let me know who you are and what your website is;
– refrain from using any hype statement (such as “the best”) on your site and in your messages;
– offer me your product without payment, or a permanent free access to your service that I’m supposed to review, as the case may be;
– let me know your requirements, but also the compensation plan for my work. Joining your affiliate program should be my option not related to that compensation plan. Your plan should include an advance payment.

Incomplete requests will be ignored.

Requests to Promote Products or Services via Affiliate Marketing

6. Do NOT try to recruit yet another affiliate. If you want me to promote your product or service, your request has to answer the question, “Why should I promote your service and not another one?”

Hint #1: make an offer better than your standard and public offer for your regular affiliates.

Hint #2: Is the commission less than 50%? Sorry, not interested.

Expert Round-up Requests

7. Your request should include at least the following pieces of information:

– let me know who you are and what your website is;
– what is the blog where the expert round-up will be posted;
– your guarantee that my work will not be modified in any way without my prior agreement.

Sharing Your Latest Piece of Content on Social Media

8. If you’re interested in having your blog posts shared by me on Twitter, check my Twitter promotion service for bloggers.

Blog Advertising

9. Usually I don’t sell banner ad spots on this blog, but if …

a) you’d like to promote a product/service/site I’m comfortable with
b) you’d like to use a banner I’m comfortable with; and
c) you’ll make an offer I can’t refuse,

then maybe I’ll change my mind. Gimme more details…

– what is the link you want me to add? (there will be a nofollow link)
– what is the banner?
– what is the ad spot you’d like to rent?
– what is the period of renting?
– what is your offer that I’m supposed not to be able to refuse?


Have you read my rules? You didn’t just scan them, right? Let me repeat one important piece of information: If your message doesn’t comply with the rules above, you won’t get any reply. I’ll delete it. OK, now here’s my email address:

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P.S. Bonus: There’s a German proverb that says, “Once doesn’t count.” But if you keep sending emails that don’t comply with my requirements posted on this page, you’ll get a bonus: I’ll report your messages as spam.