To get a reply, comply with these rules and requirements!

Do NOT send the following 6 types of requests. They will be ignored.

1. Requests to promote for free on social media your brand, articles, infographics, etc.

2. Requests to work for you or your organization for free or in exchange of getting a service or product I expressed no prior interest in.

3. Requests to join your affiliate program.

4. Incomplete review requests. See “Blogger Outreach Instructions” below.

5. Incomplete expert round-up requests. See “Blogger Outreach Instructions” below.

6. Requests related to guest blogging. I don’t publish guest posts, I don’t guest blog.


Blogger Outreach Instructions

Instructions for Review Requests

If you want me to review your internet marketing product or service, then…

– let me know who you are and what your website is;
– offer me your product without payment, or a permanent free access to your service that I’m supposed to review, as the case may be;
– let me know your requirements, if any;
– let me know the budget you allocated for this project; minimum budget required: US$ 100.

Instructions for Expert Round-up Requests

Your request should include at least the following pieces of information:

– let me know who you are and what your website is;
– what is the blog where the expert round-up will be posted;
– the list of bloggers you sent and/or plan to send your round-up requests to;
– your guarantee that my work will not be modified in any way without my prior agreement.

Warning: If your message doesn’t fully comply with my instructions from this page, you won’t get a reply. Now here’s my email address:
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P.S. Bonus: There’s a German proverb that says, “Once doesn’t count.” But if you keep sending emails that don’t comply with my requirements posted on this page, you’ll get a bonus: I’ll report your messages as spam.