Not happy with his AdSense results

Embarrassed by Your AdSense Results?

Not happy with his AdSense results

You had the content and the traffic. You signed up for AdSense, copied the code provided by Google and pasted it on your blog.

But at the end of the day when you check your earnings… just peanuts! Does it sound familiar? Let’s try to analyze together some real life cases…

AdSense Ads: Above the Fold or Not?

The statistics show that the ads displayed above the fold have a higher click-through rate than those displayed below the fold. But let’s see a real and common case… (more…)

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Just Kidding?

Fake Controversial Blog Posts. Are You Making This Mistake?

Just Kidding

I’ve recently noticed a wave of new bloggers who are trying to get the attention by applying a technique known as being very good for generating nice traffic: controversial blog posts.

While some bloggers think that writing controversial blog posts won’t get you good results on long term (negative branding & comments), others disagree and from time to time keep applying this technique.

I won’t enter into a debate on this topic but I would like to point a very wrong way of applying this traffic generation method.


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