Do you know what the best type of online advertising is?

What Is the Best Type of Online Advertising?

The best ad is a good product

This article helps you find the answer to a question asked so many times on various online forums:

What’s the best type of online advertising?

Before talking about advertising you have to make sure that you offer a good product or service and you have a good landing page. Otherwise, no advertising will be good for you.

Here’s why…

1. A good advertisement can destroy a poor quality product because a lot of people will be aware of it and bad news always spreads fast.

2. A poor landing page can waste all your traffic.

Therefore, before taking into consideration what advertising method you should use, be sure that you have something of value to promote.

For some internet marketers, the best way for promoting their stuff is writing articles. However, if your English is poor, you’re not a skillful writer and your online experience is very limited, then no one will read your articles … so this method may not work for you.

For other marketers, the best advertising method is solo ads advertising. But if you end up getting a mailing list that you don’t know what to do with, then this method may not work for you.

I can tell you what is the best type of advertising for me. Someone else can tell you what is the best method for him. But no one can tell you what is the best advertising method for you. So don’t ask for such recommendations. It won’t help you… Actually only you can answer this question because only you know what your skills and experience are.

Now here is the straight answer to the original question: the best type of online advertising is the one you’re expert at! Click to Tweet it! It’s the one you know a lot about… When you know how to deal with almost everything related to a certain advertising method, you know one of the methods that may be the best for you.

You got my point? You need to analyze what you know better and then apply it in real life. Learn a method that you think you can deal with and then apply what you’ve learned. There is no universal solution.

To Your Success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. I’m sick and tired of seeing losers’ complaints… “solo ads don’t work”, “social media marketing doesn’t work”, etc.

For some people nothing works because they do what other people recommend, without taking into account anything else. No skills, no experience, no training, just a direct jump… That’s a big mistake. BTW, blaming others for your decisions is a mistake even bigger…

[Example: I don’t know anything about fashion… That’s why, irrespective of the opinion of a fashion industry expert I won’t get involved tomorrow in this industry by investing my money like a fool… Hoping to get a decent return on investment while not having any experience & knowledge? Just a stupid and unrealistic dream. Or maybe just gambling…]

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