29 thoughts on “AWeber vs GetResponse. Marketer’s Best Friends. Epic Review

  1. Adrian, how is it to convert from MailChimp to these email auto responders? That would be part of my deciding factor – I would not want to lose my email list I have built. Thanks for a great review of these two that I have heard a lot about. Something I’ve kept in the back of my mind to do someday.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      In the past, AWeber’s import process was a no-no. AWeber used to force the users to ask their subscribers to re-confirm their subscription. But they changed this policy. So the answer to your question is…

      Both AWeber and GetResponse allows you to import your opt-in list without asking your subscribers to reconfirm their subscription to your list.

  2. A great comparison of the two veterans of email marketing, Adrian.

    I have an account with both autoresponder services. I tend to prefer Aweber, but I think it is just because I started with it and I’m just more used to it.

    However, both companies offer a great service and are very easy to use, with an almost self explanatory user interface.

    The reason why I have an additional GetResponse account was to have buyers from JVZoo automatically added via API using single opt in. As Aweber allows this meanwhile too, it became obsolete.

    With the recent release of their marketing automation tool GetResponse made another great step forward.

    Although I just had a fast look at it, it seems to be much more powerful than Aweber’s campaigns which was released a while ago but lacks a lot of necessary functions.

    If I would get started now and had to decide between Aweber and GetResponse, I’d choose GetResponse, mainly because of their new automation tool.

    Have a great day,
    Torsten Mueller recently posted: The Shameless Truth About Selling 7 Dollar Products

    1. Thank you for your comment, Clement.

      I picked Aweber because Pat Flynn recommended it.

      Grandfathering influencers in the early days pays dividends. Thumb up for both companies’ management for this strategy :)

  3. Hey Adrian,

    Great comparison.

    Similar to Clement, I heard Pat Flynn talk about Aweber and WAS about to go with it, but then I did my research and found out that Get Response is better. Plus, I swear Pat Flynn changed over to Convert Kit ;)

    But I’ve been using GetResponse for a while now and have no complaints. On another site I operate, I use Mail Chimp, which has its own benefits and problems.

    Overall, I think I made a sound decision.

    – Andrew

  4. Nice write-up but I don’t think GetResponse is as good as Aweber. I have used both the softwares earlier and I think Aweber is far better as it provides lot more features as compared to GetResponse. The support of Aweber is also good.

    The only thing that may set GetResponse apart is their Autoresponder 2.0 feature. I don’t have a GetResponse account right now (as I switched to Aweber) but with all the hype that is surrounding the new autoresponder I may give it a try with the 30 day trial.

    Anyways thanks for the review. :-)

    1. Hi Mohd,

      I think Aweber is far better as it provides lot more features as compared to GetResponse

      The reality is quite opposite to what you claim. It looks like you compare the old versions of these services. I see that you’re aware of GetResponse’s Autoresponder 2.0 new feature though. But you’re not aware of webinars, landing pages and more. Give it a try and see the reality ;)

  5. Hi Adrian,

    Currently I am using Aweber for email marketing. I thought that Aweber is the best while compared to others, but after reading this GetResponse is having some additional features than Aweber. Anyway I will give it a try.

    Thanks for the share. And it’s a nice review you have presented here.

  6. I started with Get Response years ago and in the past, it seems like they were always two steps behind Aweber. I even tried Aweber not once but twice, but I just didn’t jive with me so I just stayed with Get Response.

    Now Get Response has grown by leaps and bounds over Aweber and nearly most other services. It’s really quite astounding how far this service has come.

    You did a really awesome job comparing the two services – my hats off to you because I know it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

    Keep up the awesome posts Adrian!


  7. Thanks for an in-depth review. GetResponse is really rich in marketing features. I find their marketing automation very easy to use.

  8. Hello Adrian,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write this comparison review.

    I currently use Aweber, but am considering giving GetResponse a try for my current project.

    In your opinion, is GetResponse the best overall email marketing service out of all the options currently available?

    Thank you,
    Kevin Ocasio

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kevin.

      I rarely use the term “the best.” That’s because different people have different needs, skills and budgets while any product or service has disadvantages that can be perceived as minor from someone’s point of view or as major from other people’s view. So suddenly “the best” for me may become “the worst” for you, or “not appropriate” for someone else.

      So I won’t tell you that GR is “the best,” but what I can tell you is that I consider GetResponse one of the best email marketing services out there.

  9. Hi Adrian,

    Nice review, unbiased..I have used Getresponse in the past so could verify a lot here. In terms of cost, Get response is way better than Aweber.

    I haven’t used Aweber, so can’t tell much of the quality of services and products features.

    Though, I left Get response long ago because I couldn’t justify the cost of maintaining the list. Try a lot of other email marketing services options out there, now with MailerLite.

    Not as big as the two mentioned here, but I see MailerLite as very much beginner’s best ideal option and a good way to kick start email marketing without the heavy cost.

    Thanks Adrian.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted: 11 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic Without Backlinks

  10. For a long time they were about the same. Now, and for the last couple years, I always recommend GR over Aweber. There probably isn’t a reason to switch if someone has been having success with Aweber. However, if you are just starting your list, GR is better in many ways.
    Ammar recently posted: Giant Business in a Box

  11. Really nice breakdown of two veteran email-list services, Adrian. Both companies are great but Aweber is more expensive. If you want it cheap, go for Get Response which has a nice customer support too. I personally find Aweber to be the best and all my e-mail subscription lists are covered by them. Excellent service but comes for a premium price.
    Venu Tanneru recently posted: Things to know About SSD and HDD web hosting

  12. Hi Adrian,

    Email marketing is becoming the backbone of every business these days. On various blogs, I have been using Aweber, MailChimp, and Getresponse. I believe that every email marketing platform has its own pros and cons.

    It is always good to understand every email marketing service and choose the best according to the type of blog and the goal you want to achieve with it. Thanks for sharing.

    Gaurav Kumar recently posted: 5 Reasons Why You Should not do Blogging

  13. Nice to know about these two tools, never used or heard of them before. I had primarily used mail merge feature of gmail for email marketing and there is this tool called sendgrid, used this also for couple of months. But in both the cases, after a while, emails started bouncing back and with no further solution in sight. So may I know, how these tools deal with this situation when emails start to bounce, any solution?

    1. The reason why an email message bounced back is included in the email notification sent back to you by recipient’s email provider. Such reasons are: the email address doesn’t exist anymore, the inbox is full, your message included spam words and/or blacklisted domain names, etc.

      No email marketing service can solve such problems on your behalf. You have to learn yourself best practices for list building and email marketing. Actually any decent email marketing service will ban you quite quickly. Otherwise, if you keep sending your messages via their servers you will jeopardize their email deliverability.

  14. Hi Adrian,
    I begin by congratulating you for being so helpful for bloggers and internet marketers like us who rely a lot on email marketing. Your in-depth research is an eye opener for me to readily decide on the immense utility of Getresponse.
    Thanks again Adrian, will be tuned to more of your posts as well :)
    Rajkumar recently posted: Free Virus Checkers that Get the Job Done

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