About me. Kind of. Ta-da …

Adrian Jock Living on a tropical island with seven wives and one cat. Gosh, no, I think it’s the other way around, isn’t it? Nope. Actually I don’t have any cat. But I made my first million online fifteen years ago. Or maybe that’s not true either…

(Speaking about millions, don’t miss my article The Secret Behind the Earning Claims)

Alrighty then… The point is that I can write anything I want here and I can easily fool you. Unless you’re from the Government. But you aren’t. The feds don’t need to read such pages.

First thing about me… I don’t read About Me pages. Bam! They can easily be transformed into nice but half-real stories that serve blogger’s interests. Why half-real? Marketing. Real stories aren’t that impressive. No big impact on the reader. Hype gets better results.

Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads eBook So I’m supposed to start with some sweet things about my family (emotions sell) and then head slowly to the point where I show you how great I am and how I can improve your life if you… [fill in the blanks] … join my mailing list, buy my solo ads books, hire me, bla bla.

Are you still here? Damn, you’re so persistent… :-)

OK, I’ve decided to let someone else talk about me. I’ll let aside the exciting testimonials sent by the readers of my books. I’ll post the most unexpected one… It mirrors me quite accurately. And it even shows a negative (maybe!) side. Anyway I love it…

Lisa Sicard from Inspire to Thrive:

Adrian is a character. He will let you know if you make a mistake so be sure to have thick skin when interacting with him. But that’s what I like, someone who will tell you when you mess up. I’ve learned a lot from Adrian and so can you if you follow him today. He has great tips on solo ads and social media to mention a few.

Well, maybe I should polish a little bit my very direct approach, but the truth is that I never planned to please everyone or become popular. And I like to scare the idiots and make them run away quickly from me :D See my I don’t need your help contact page.

I don’t wanna be rude, but I am who I am. Your approval isn’t needed. Cliché, but appropriate. So let’s shift the focus on you… Why are you reading this page after all?

Have you read one of my articles or comments and felt that my tips are somehow controversial or contradict what the “gurus” claim?

Well, reading a bio won’t help you discover whether I’m right or not. A long online marketing journey or many millions made online or offline don’t necessarily imply that my point is right. Go back to that article or comment, use your experience and common sense. Assess the work, not the bio.

Still here? It was your last chance to run away! So sorry for you…

Then let’s connect on social media and see how it goes:

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P.S. Well, sure, this is yet another article rather than an About Me page. So… what’s your point? I’m a marketer after all. And I test things. You should do the same.

Speaking about marketing, I’d love to spam you a little bit. Background voice: Damn, he started it again! :roll: So why not join my mailing list?

Another voice: You should say why they should join it! Me: Shut up, you voices! They should already know why. And if they don’t, their loss…

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