Adrian Jock's Twitter Influencers List - 2015

My Twitter Heroes List. Based on the Only Metric That Matters

Adrian Jock's Twitter Influencers List - 2015

Chit-chatting about the weather, work, or you name it, may be enjoyable. And sometimes useful. But it won’t pay any bills. So… no! That metric isn’t the number of times we interacted on Twitter.

Is it the number of followers the people engaging with us have? Or maybe the number of times they favorited (well, Liked) our content? Or is it the number of times they retweeted our content? Or the reach of their retweets?

These metrics can boost our ego indeed. Some of them can even help our blogs rank better in search engines. However, the individual effect of these social signals on search engine rankings cannot be quantified in any way.

The only metric that matters is the number of clicks someone generated to our website.

Gazillions of followers, favorites, or retweets that generate zero clicks to our website aren’t so useful. Only the traffic can help us reach the final goal – the sale.

The tool I used to measure the number of clicks generated by each person who shared on Twitter my content is the only one available on the market: Twitter Analytics (Twitter Cards tab, Influencers sub-section).

The only inaccuracies introduced by this tool:

If you retweet using Twitter’s native button, any click you generate isn’t attributed to you but to the person who posted the tweet you retweeted. This is one of the reasons not to retweet using Twitter’s native button.

The tool can only count the clicks that happen in Twitter clients (Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for iPad, Twitter for Android,, and

Now here are my heroes…

Rank Name Twitter Bio Clicks
1 Torsten Mueller
Husband and dad of 2 lovely daughters, life-long learner, entrepreneur and business owner. 256
2 Al Smith
Tweeting quick tips on life, success, & business. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Live today. Carpe diem. 102
3 Sunita Chadha
When You Know Your WORTH, No One Can Make You Feel WORTHLESS! 54
4 Rebekah Radice
Award Winning Social Media Writer, Strategist, Author, Speaker. 41
5 Jonathan Pollinger
UK’s leading authority on social media for businesses and charities. 36
6 DIY Author
For committed authors who want to build a career. 31
7 Mark Brian
Not perfect, just awesome. Animal Lover yet Meat Eater, Coffee drinking, Heavy Metal Loving, Realtor in Anderson SC. 30
8 Neal Schaffer
Author, Maximize Your Social | Founder @msocialbusiness @socialtoolssmmt @socialmedia_coe 25
9 Meghan M. Biro
CEO @TalentCulture | Future of Work | @Forbes @Entrepreneur @HuffingtonPost | #HR #Tech #Socbiz #Entrepreneur 21
10 Meredyth Censullo
TV, Radio, Social Media Reporter | Seen on @NancyGraceHLN & @WFLA | Formerly WFTS, WTSP | EMMY winner | TEDx Presenter 20
Note: The column Clicks shows the clicks generated from Nov 18, 2014 till Nov, 19, 2015.

Honestly, I value each and every share of my blog articles. Even if you didn’t make it to Top 10 this year. Even if your tweet hasn’t generated any click. Or even if your tweet was a native retweet (including retweets with comments) and maybe generated some clicks but they were attributed to me or someone else.

While I can’t force you to understand how bad for marketing the native retweets are, I can THANK YOU for your support. You know who you are and I know it too ;) Mark Willaman (HRmarketer), Melissa Stewart, Angela Hemans, Stuart Davidson, Gina Romero, Lisa Sicard, Gail Gardner, Joe Hertwik, Bill Gassett, Brian D. Hawkins, Amy White, Amanda Norris, Sherryl Perry, and many others!

To Your Twitter Success!
Adrian Jock

P.S. Do you know who your Twitter influencers are? (Not the people whose content you like. Not the people who tell you how awesome you are while ignoring your content. The people who help your business the most.)

P.P.S. Aren’t we connected on Twitter yet? Follow me for more interesting internet marketing tips.

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10 thoughts on “My Twitter Heroes List. Based on the Only Metric That Matters

  1. NIIICE!! I like this. Interesting spin (I thought) on a Twitter marketing topic. Although I understand where you are coming from, in that clicks are paramount, I do believe that you have to start small. I think that the “baby strides” are the actual retweets. How else would one ultimately get that coveted click to their website (from Twitter)?

    And yes, you see thousands hinging those other metrics to their egos.

    Sure, the click is what you should aim for, but I believe that their are other metrics that lead up to it. So yes, in a sense, I guess you’re right…the click metric is priority.

    Oh, I admire your generosity in linking to these Twitter users. It shows that you really care. Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for your comment. There’s no democracy when it comes to merits. It’s not one person (one retweet), one vote. Some retweets generate zero or very few clicks, other retweets generate a lot of clicks. You cannot compare them.

      That’s why if you count the retweets (manual RTs, via Triberr, via JustRetweet, via Twitter’s button, etc) instead of the clicks, you don’t count anything that it’s worth playing with from marketing point of view – you’re lying to yourself. Btw, have you noticed that Twitter has just removed the shares count? Guess why! ;-)

      Happy Holidays to you too!

  2. Hi Adrian,

    a big thanks to include me in this list, I’m really honored.

    As you mentioned in your post, not using Twitter’s native retweet button makes a difference. That’s why I too can only recommend using manual retweets. It is much more effective from a marketer’s point of view.

    Have a great day,

  3. Hi Adrian, Thank you for the mention. You always have a different way of looking at things but I have to admit I like this one! Getting clicks is more important than the actual retweet count. It’s the ROI that everyone is looking for and retweets do not guarantee clicks or the ROI of a campaign.
    I don’t always use the native button but many times I use Triberr and The Buffer app which can sometimes eliminate the credit but I do try to put it back in each time.
    Now I’ve got to go and check out my stats, thanks Adrian!

    1. Hi Lisa :) What do you refer to when you say that Triberr and the Buffer app can sometimes eliminate the credit? Even if the links are shortened via, or other similar programs, Twitter still detects the original link and then it credits the clicks to the person who shared the content.

  4. Hi Adrian, I find with the Buffer many times it does not credit the person who the content belongs to. I have to add that user in. Do you use the Buffer too Adrian?

    1. Oh, now I understood what you meant – but that’s irrelevant from the perspective of this article. Even if my Twitter handle isn’t mentioned in a tweet, if that tweet includes a link to my blog and that link is clicked, then Twitter shows me the click. Twitter’s click stats (Twitter Cards tab, Influencers sub-section) aren’t based on who is mentioned in a certain tweet but on what domain name is mentioned.

      This blog is connected to my account @IMTipsNews and anytime someone shares a link from my domain name – no matter whether I’m mentioned or not in that tweet – the clicks are reported in my account under Influencers section. Example:

      Twitter stats - Influencers section

      See the tweet above? I’m not mentioned. It’s actually a conversation between two persons ;) The clicks are still counted because a link to my domain name is included there.

  5. How did I miss this post! Jeeze. I was catching up on my Adrian Jock reading and saw this. Thanks for the nice honorable mention : ) You practice what you blog by NOT “Ignoring the People Who Reshare Your Content” – very cool. My good friend Meghan M. Biro is listed at #9 so I will be sure to let her know she is listed here (in case she did not already know).

    1. Well, I guess you were busy and that’s why you didn’t notice it earlier :) As for Meghan, she shared it on Dec 19 on Twitter, so maybe she also read it :)

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